New laning trick for Monkey King revealed

Vignesh Raghuram

5o, Jul, 2018

In a SHOCKING REVELATION!! North American player Sammyboy has just revealed how he managed to climb up the leaderboards by using a Monkey King trick. Valve Devs must hate him!!

Okay, umm that was too much. It isn't nearly as broken as we made it seem wink. Anyway, it is a neat little trick that you might wanna use whenever you play Monkey King in the Mid lane or Safe lane. 

Basically, when you use Mischief and attack out of it, the enemy creeps don’t aggro on to you. This trick/glitch could be used to trade hits with the opponent laner and come out on top in that exchange. This is similar to how Clinkz, or Silencer don’t drag aggro if they auto attack using their Attack Modifiers.

While this could certainly give an edge to you in the midlane, especially against melee heroes,  it isn’t a broken mechanic. The enemy laner can still beat you if he is skilled enough. And hence I don’t really expect this to be patched until the next Spring cleaning patch. Until then, feel free to spam away.