New Bloom update arrives with new Firecrackers, Chat Wheel Sounds and Courier

Vignesh Raghuram

2o, Feb, 2019

Valve‘s annual commemoration of the Chinese New Year, the New Bloom Festival, dropped a metric ton of content on unsuspecting Dota fans earlier today, including New Bloom celebrations, a new courier and all new Chat Wheel sounds.

Right off the bat, when you log in to Dota 2 you can unlock several Firecrackers, similar to the Frosthaven presents, which you can pop every few seconds to distract your enemies or show off. However, like all New Bloom events, all the fun and jazz will only be available for a short while, until March 1st 2019. Unless of course, you manage to grab a hold of this little cute courier which will stay in your inventory forever.

Previous New Bloom events have always been accompanied by a brand new Game Mode which usually features a Year Beast which gives us points that we can use to unlock new treasures. Valve hasn’t bundled it alongside this update.

Instead, we can obtain points by just merely playing matchmaking games of Dota 2 as normal, you can use these points to unlock more spin chances on the New Bloom Reward wheel. Each win in Ranked/Unranked matches grants you 200 points, a win in a Turbo lobby grants 100 Points. You also get a massive 1250 points as a bonus with your first win of the day.

And no, Dota Auto Chess doesn’t grant you any points. Unfortunately.


The New Bloom event will only run up until 11th February 2019, while the rewards unlocked can be used up until 1st March 2019, so better boot up Dota 2 and start grinding through those ranked matches if you want to maximise those rewards.