NESO Galaxy Battles 2017 - Regional Qualifier Winners

Nishant Patel

24th, May, 2017
The regional qualifiers of the NESO Galaxy Battles 2017 have partially concluded with China, India and South East Asia producing one winner each.
India Open Qualifier Winner

Entity Esports

Entity Esports Logo
  • Balaji 'Blizzard' Ramnarayan
  • Jeet 'Swifty' Kundra
  • Carlo 'BDz' Manalo
  • Job 'Jobeezy' Ramos
  • Avelino 'ab1ng' Parungao
  • Darshan 'A35' Bata

Entity Esports will proceed to the South East Asia regional qualifiers.
South East Asia Open Qualifier Winner

Nasty Potatoes

Nasty Potatoes Logo

  • Timoty 'tmt' Ong
  • Remus 'Ponlo' Goh Zhi Xian
  • Yang Wu 'Deth-sama' Heng
  • Nicholas 'Eden' Thie
  • Nikhil 'Crimson' Li-Wei Nijhar
Nasty Potatoes will proceed to the South East Asia Regional qualifiers.
China Open Qualifier Winner

ROCK logo

  • QD
  • 290
  • bingo
  • ddr
  • LT

Team ROCK will proceed to the China Regional Qualifiers.
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