NESC 2018 - Invictus to Represent India In World Championship

Aditya Singh Rawat

22o, Aug, 2018

National Esports Championship 2018 hosted by ESFI took place on 19th August. The event was hosted online in partnership with Playtonia and witnessed participation from the likes of top teams such as 2ez Gaming, Invictus, Brutality, Mag PuneF1ve, etc. 

NESC 2018 is the Indian Qualifier for the IeSF World Championship 2018 which will be held in Kaohsiung Arena, Kaohsiung.

The teams that made it to the semi-finals were: 

  • Team FITADO 

  • 2ez Gaming 

  • Team Iyati 

  • Invictus 

All the games played in the championship were BO1s following a Single Elimination Format.

The Semi-Finals saw FIDATO losing to 2ez Gaming while Iyati was knocked out by Invictus. 

The two faced off in the Grand Finals where Invictus rose above their opponents to become the Indian representative at the IeSF World Championship 2018 while also being crowned as the winners of National Esports Championship 2018.


Congratulations to Invictus for their victory and best of luck on their road ahead to the World Championships. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates about Invictus and their journey through the main event in Kaohsiung.