Na'Vi & MIBR triumph on the first day of FACEIT Major Challengers Stage

Aditya Singh Rawat

21o, Sep, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: CompLexity

The first day of Champions Stage for FACEIT Major: London 2018 witnessed the clash between Navi & BIG followed by MIBR taking on CompLexity.

Champions Stage has 8 participating teams, that had qualified through the Challengers Stage and Legends Stage. This particular stage is following a single elimination BO3 format in contrast to the other stages that had adopted a Swiss system format. 

A BIG Defeat

The first match-up was the highlight of the day as Navi faced-off against BIG. Although this particular game was said to go down to the decider while being a slugfest, a surprised crowd witnessed a run-down of the German squad.

The two teams clashed on Dust 2 followed by Nuke, both of which were dominated by Navi. The first match was a tough one for the Germans as Navi hit them hard, winning by a score ‘16-2’. BIG’s morale had been crushed by the likes of Navi, as it showed in their gameplay in the next match which was again a single-sided whitewash for them. Navi took the second match scoring ‘16-6’ and moved onto the semi-finals.

Perplexed CompLexity

The second game saw CompLexity go up against a confident MIBR. Odds were quite heavily in favour of MIBR who did justice to it by beating their opponents quite convincingly with a straight flush.

The first match took place on Train which was a nightmare come true for CompLexity, a map they weren’t familiar with. CompLexity who were never really in control of the game found themselves always a step behind and a bit too slow against the aggression that MIBR brought with them. The Brazilians took the first match ‘16-4’, moving on to play the next match on Inferno. 

Inferno, a map in which CompLexity had blind faith turned its back on them as their trump card to take this series down to the decider was torn in half by an indomitable MIBR. Although it looked as if CompLexity might just win it, some last-round clutch wins by MIBR witnessed them come out on top taking the match ‘16-12’.


With this, CompLexity has been knocked out of the tournament along with BIG as Navi lock horns with MIBR on 22nd September.