MxB Gaming fail to qualify for the IEM Sydney 2019 - SEA Closed Qualifier

Aditya Singh Rawat

20th, Mar, 2019

The final day of the second SEA Open Qualifier for IEM Sydney 2019 took place today with the Indian team, MxB Gaming taking on Team Maple in the finals along with NASR going up against Tommy & Friends.

Both the matches were a Best-of-three series with the winner qualifying onto the SEA Closed Qualifier where they will be joining the four direct invites, B.O.O.T-d[S], TNC Pro Team, Beyond Esports and Lucid Dreams, along with the winners of the first SEA Open Qualifier, Entity Gaming and Alpha Red.

The least expected Indian team surprised us all by making its way all the way to the finals but that was the end of the road for them. MxB gave their best against Maple but could not take down the Thai team who won by a series score of ‘2-0’, qualifying onto the SEA Closed Qualifier.

Victory Lap

The two teams started out on Mirage with MxB Gaming playing as CT. They were off to a great start winning the first four rounds before Maple hit back with a full buy on the fifth round, from here on out both the teams kept pummelling each other round after round but MxB were successful in keeping the lead at the halftime mark with the scoreboard reading ‘9-6’.

Everything changed in the second half as Maple were able to string multiple rounds in succession which transferred the momentum to their side as they went on to win the map with a score of ‘16-12’.

The second match was played on Inferno which was picked by MxB Gaming. But unfortunately, it did not go well for them at all, playing T-sided the Indian team could not get the start they were looking for as they gave away quite a lead to Maple who were ‘10-5’ at the halftime mark.

The second half continued without any challenge coming from the Indian side as Maple closed down Inferno with a score of ‘16-10’.

With this, Team Maple will be moving on to the SEA Closed Qualifier over MxB Gaming. The Indian line-up gave it a great try and reached much further than the other two teams from the same country.

Now almost all the slots for the Closed Qualifier are booked except for one which will be taken by either NASR or Tommy & Friends. Stay tuned.