MVP PK & Viva Algeria make it through the WESG 2018 Open Qualifier 1 - East Asia & Africa

Aditya Singh Rawat

5o, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: MVP PK

WESG 2018 – East Asia Open Qualifier 1 

The WESG 2018 – Online Qualifiers are well under way with the East Asian Open Qualifier 1 concluding a few days back. 

The first East Asia Qualifier witnessed 24 teams fighting it out for a chance to qualify for the Main Event. The Open Qualifier followed a BO1, single elimination format until the quarterfinals after which the semifinals and the finals were played out as a BO3 series. 

Some of the notable teams that made it all the way to the quarterfinals are as follows: 

  • MVP PK 

  • Sad Story 

  • D13 Esports 

  • GOSU 

  • 29/90 eSports 

  • 5Power (Mongolia)

From the beginning of the Open Qualifier, the finals were always predicted to be between MVP PK and GOSU. The prediction being partially correct did lead to a surprising semifinal outcome between GOSU and 5Power (Mongolia). This is how things proceeded at the Qualifier,

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Journey Till The Finals 


MVP PK cruised to the finals beating Sad Story followed by D13 Esports.

Sad Story was crushed in the quarterfinals by a score of ‘16-4’ on Inferno.As  a very young and inexperienced team, the loss was always on the cards but what actually took place was even worse. Sad Story was making a lot of basic mistakes maybe because they were nervous but MVP PK did not hold back on them, taking the win and moving on to the semifinals. 

D13 were the next team to face defeat to MVP PK. The Koreans trampled D13 to a pulp as they strolled through the game, winning on Train and Mirage with scores of ‘16-3’ & ‘16-4’, respectively. MVP was not taking anything lightly as they went in all guns blazing and qualified through to the finals.


5Power (Mongolia) played well above what was expected from them. 

They took down LAN E-Sport Club in the quarterfinals. Playing the game on Inferno, 5Power took a methodical approach against an aggressive adversary. Maybe not the best display of defensive plays, it was certainly enough to defeat LAN E-Sport and move on to the semifinals.

Playing against an opponent who clearly belongs to a higher weight category, 5Power stunned the everybody as they defeated GOSU in a straight set on Nuke and Mirage with scores of ‘16-2’ & ‘16-14’. GOSU were halted to a stop as 5Power pounded them with quite a lot of unexpected plays executed flawlessly combined with some intelligent lurking and utility usage, granting them a slot in the finals.


MVP PK vs 5Power 

5Power faced off against a relaxed MVP PK in the finals. After defeating GOSU, the expectations were lurking around MVP PK losing it to 5Power but MVP aced their way through the finals as well.  

Back-to-back wins on Cache & Inferno with scores of ‘16-9’ and ‘16-4’ observed MVP PK qualifying for the East Asia Closed Qualifier. 5Power were just another team for MVP PK, who was not a bit affected by their play style or tactics instead giving 5Power a really hard time to settle down and figure out a strategy to break the Korean dominance.

With this, MVP PK as predicted by the majority qualified for the East Asia Closed Qualifier which will be held on a date that still needs to be decided upon.

WESG 2018 – Africa Open Qualifier 1 

The Africa Open Qualifier 1 for WESG 2018 also came to an end yesterday on 4th November 2018. 

The event which was hosted on FACEIT witnessed participation from 15 teams with the winner moving onto the Africa Closed Qualifier.

All the matches were a BO1 except for the semifinals and the finals, with the event following a single elimination format. 

This is how the qualifier played out,

Image Credit: Liquipedia


Both & Viva Algeria faced stiff competition in their semifinal matchups against RafaSexyBoy & Chosen5, respectively.

Limitless dropped their first match against RafaSexyBoy on Mirage where RSB took the win by a score ‘16-13’. was quick to bounce back in the following match that was played on Train with RSB losing by a score of ‘16-14’.

The decider was held on Cache where after an excruciatingly competitive first half, was able to gain a few rounds towards the start of the second half helping them attain victory by a score of ‘16-12’.

Viva Algeria

Viva Algeria dominated over Chosen5 on Cache where they stomped all over Chosen5 and took a win with the scoreboard reading ‘16-13’. This was followed by a loss on Inferno by a score of ‘16-13’ where Chosen5 completely changed their playstyle and it worked in their favour.

The decider on Dust 2 was played on equal footing but a slight edge was taken by Viva Algeria as they clutched a couple of rounds towards the ending of the match.


Limitless vs Viva Algeria

Viva Algeria took down in the finals with a straight-set victory. Viva Algeria made quick work of on Nuke as they won by a score of ‘16-5’. Moving onto the next match that was held on Inferno, Viva faced a reformed who tore through the rounds at lightning speed backed by some great rushes but Viva held nerves of steel and taking a methodical approach slowly made their way back in the latter half to secure the win with the scoreboard reading ‘15-13’.

With this, Viva Algeria is the winners of Africa Open Qualifier 1 and will be proceeding to the Africa Closed Qualifier that will be held shortly, the dates for the Closed Qualifier are being decided at the moment.