MVP PK to represent East Asia Region at the WESG 2018 - Global Finals

Aditya Singh Rawat

21o, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Team MVP

The East Asia Closed Qualifier for WESG 2018 took place between GOSU and MVP PK on 19th November, with the winner of directly qualifying for the WESG 2018 – Global Finals.

Journey To Closed Qualifier

MVP PK was the first team to make its way into the Closed Qualifier after standing victorious in the First East Asian Open Qualifier. They were joined by GOSU shortly after, who made their way after fighting through the Second East Asian Open Qualifier.

The two teams engaged in a BO3 series in the Closed Qualifier with MVP PK beating GOSU ‘2-0’ and moving ahead to the Global Finals, representing the entire East Asia region.


The two teams played out their first match on Inferno where a tough and intense fight ensued between them, MVP PK was on the back foot in the first half but came back stronger, striking effectively in the latter half and taking the win by a score of ‘16-13'

The following match was played on Nuke where GOSU lost its steam after MVP PK took hold of the match well within the first half and controlled the pace effectively till the very last round, winning the match by a score of ‘16-8’.

Thus MVP PK is the team that has qualified for the WESG 2018 – Global Finals through the East Asia Region

Their line-up for the event is as follows:

  • Seon-Ho ‘xeta’ Son 

  • Min-Seok ‘zeff’ Park 

  • Min-Soo ‘glow’ Kim 

  • Keun-Chul ‘solo’ Kang 

  • Hyun-Pyo ‘XigN’ Lee