MVP PK is the only Asian Team to qualify for IEM XIII-Chicago

Aditya Singh Rawat

24o, Aug, 2018

The Asia Qualifiers for Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Chicago took place from 17th-21st August which witnessed MVP PK beating the competition thus cementing their position within the top 16. 

The regional qualifier for Asia had been divided into two stages. First came the open qualifiers taking place from 17th-18th August, witnessing the qualification of the top 2 teams into the closed qualifiers. The second stage took place from 19th-21st August observing the qualification of the last surviving team onto IEM XIII – Chicago.

Open Qualifiers 

The open qualifiers witnessed participation from 34 Teams in a BO1, single elimination bracket with the exception of the decider matches which were BO3s. 

After some incredible initial matches, the 16 contenders left were divided into 2 groups of 8 teams each.

This is how the open qualifier unfolded:

Source : Liquipedia

The first group saw TNC Pro Team making it all the way till the end by after finally facing off against The MongolZ in a closely contested BO3 match-up while the second group witnessed another BO3 match being played on even steppings, going the way of MiTH.Streamer who were up against GOSU

Both TNC Pro Team & MiTH.Streamer qualified for the closed qualifiers.

Closed Qualifiers 

The closed qualifiers showcased a combination of 6 directly invited teams along with the 2 teams from the open qualifiers. The qualifiers followed a BO3, double elimination bracket with a BO5 grand final.

The invited teams for the event were as follows: 

  • 5Power Gaming 

  • B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape 

  • Flash Gaming 

  • MVP PK 

  • SZ Absolute 

  • TyLoo 

This is how the closed qualifiers progressed:


The closed qualifier witnessed multiple teams forfeiting their matches as there was a clash in the schedule due to the StarSeries Asia Qualifier taking place simultaneously.  

What made the grand final between Flash Gaming and MVP PK interesting was the fact that although MVP forfeited their match against Flash in the upper bracket final, they continued ahead by fighting through the lower bracket final against SZ Absolute winning the BO3 in a dominant manner to face Flash again. 

The grand finals saw Flash losing to MVP as the latter cruised through the BO5 series winning 3 in a row despite Flash having a 1 game advantage on account of them coming through the upper bracket. 

MVP PK won the Asia Qualifier and will be the only team representing the region in the Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Chicago.

Congratulations to MVP PK who fought valiantly, taking the challenge head-on and coming out on top all guns blazing. Stay tuned as we explore the best of CS:GO at IEM XIII – Chicago.