MVP PK beat Signify in the opening game of Cobx Masters

Vignesh Raghuram

5th, Apr, 2019

Cover Image via @SignifyCSGO

MVP PK triumph over Signify CS:GO at the opening day of Cobx Masters, taking place in the NESCO Hall, Mumbai. The Korean team defeated the local favourites 16-11 on Train.

This was the first CSGO game of the day, that started at around 7pm. Amidst the host of technical difficulties and delays, commentators James Bardolph and Daniel ‘ddk’ Kapadia kept us entertained with top-notch casting. Bleh, Elfishguy and Dare_devil broke down the game on the analyst panel and gave us some crucial insights.

MVP PK started on the T side, and got to a phenomenal 12-3 lead; which is pretty surprising, given the fact that most pros consider Train to be a CT sided map.

Signify CS:GO did some crucial errors in the first half of their match. The biggest mistake obviously, was picking Train; which just happens to be one of the strongest maps of MVP PK.

Signify struggled to get their trade kills going, and made some hasty wrong decisions. It seemed like they were under too much pressure to be mobile, and had some mistimed incidents; which could have been avoided if they just confidently held their ground and trusted their crossfires.

While it seemed like all was going downhill, Signify somehow ALMOST mounted a great comeback. They relied on forcing errors from MVP PK. Great flashbang assists and utility usage broke up the MVP PK crossfires and paved the way for them as they brute forced their way into the bombsites, winning 5 rounds in a row.  After that point, yb also displayed some great mind-reading tricks and got Signify up to 11 rounds. Unfortunately, some crazy clutches from HSK and zeff got MVP PK the last push they needed; and they sealed the game at 16-11.

Signify will face now face Alpha Red, where they risk getting eliminated.


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