More details of Midas Mode 2 announced

Vignesh Raghuram

12th, Jun, 2019

It’s finally happening!! After the ridiculous success of Midas Mode: Season 1, we had to wait for over two years without any news about the next season. But finally, SirActionSlacks has let us know that Midas Mode 2 will be happening in September 2019.

In an announcement stream yesterday night, SirActionSlacks shared many details about Midas Mode 2 including the dates and the venue of the tournament. He also said that the event is likely to have a title sponsor.

Last time out, Slacks and Moonduck managed to bring in one of the biggest and most unique sponsors we’ve ever had in the esports sphere: The Kennedy Space Center, Florida. This move happened to be one of the biggest success stories in Dota 2.

He spoke to Forbes about this stating:

“One of our smartest sponsors was the Kennedy Space Centre, who way before ESL One Hamburg happened, they thought: 'Here is a group of some nerds that are in our age demographic, that are going to want to know about what we do and we can imagine that this off-brand, goofy sponsorship of this tournament can really work in our favour. People could just talk about it because we're sponsoring and grow it in there in that culture'.”

Since the bar has already been set really high, we are certainly excited about who they will incorporate into Midas Mode 2 as sponsors.


Key Information from yesterday's stream


Date: September 21-29;

Venue: Localhost Arena, Denver, Colorado.

The catch is that it will be a LAN without teams. Only spectators and talent will be present in the arena. Players will be competing online. However, the event will feature interaction between viewers and players through the Internet. Slacks has also teased remote autograph sessions and robotic interviews.

The basic rules of Midas Mode will be unchanged. However, there will be a few minor tweaks to make it into a better version.


Midas Mode 1.0 was one of the most innovative and fun tournaments that Dota 2 fans had ever seen. Featuring 4 teams from NA and 4 teams from Europe, the tournament was played for charity with the prize money being donated to the winner’s choice of charity.

The rules of Midas Mode are fairly simple at a glance:

  • Initially, teams are given a certain amount of special in-game currency called Moonbucks, which teams could use to buy high-value heroes or make do with cheap ones.

  • You can earn it by performing various tasks and achievements during the games as well as by betting.

  • Use Moonbucks to rake up the advantage against your enemies to put your team in the ideal situation to win.



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