MiTH & Ignis final teams to qualify for the Playoffs of SEA Fire Championship 2018

Aditya Singh Rawat

28th, Oct, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: MiTH

The SEA Fire Championship 2018 continued on with its Group Stage on the second day of the tournament. The day featured four crucial matches for both the groups in the form of Elimination and Decider Matches. 

After the first day of the group stage witnessed 29/90 eSports and GOSU making their way through to the Playoffs, it was time for the second team from each group to make their way on to the Playoffs.  

With many predicting Ignis and FrostFire as the teams who will be making it to the Playoffs from Group A and Group B, respectively, let’s see if this holds out to be true or not.

Elimination Matches

Group – A 

The first game of the day took place between Question Mark and Sad Story.

The opening match was a great game for Sad Story as they displayed great skill in countering every play that the opponent was throwing at them. They showed a lot of patience while also displaying great synchronization between their movements as they beat Question Mark with a score of ‘16-11’ on Mirage.

Question Mark was quick to correct their mistakes and although they struggled a bit till about the 17th round, the deficit was no more than that of three rounds. Finding their rhythm soon enough, Question Mark gained enough momentum to oust Sad Story out of the driver's seat and take the victory on Overpass with the scoreboard reading ‘16-11’.

The decider was fought on Inferno where both the teams played a phenomenal game of CS but a more experienced Question Mark side was able to close the game down in their favour with a score of ‘16-12’.

Eliminating Sad Story from the Championship, Question Mark moved ahead to face Ignis in the Decider Match. 

Group – B

The elimination was played between 24BHB and MiTH.Streamer.

Both the teams were pumped, reaching out at each other's throats right from the very beginning. The aggression from both the teams subdued only with the end of the match which went the way of MiTH.Streamer, who won on Inferno with a score of ‘16-14’.

The discipline returned in the second match that took place on Mirage as 24BHB held their nerves and executed some really smart plays using decoys and fakes. Something on which I would like to commend the young team upon was the efficiency with which they deployed their utilities. Playing a superior game of CS the local boys beat MiTH.Streamer with a score of ‘16-11’

The last match on Train was won by MiTH.Stremer who had acknowledged the capabilities of 24BHB and showed no mercy this time around. Playing to their capacity, MiTH did not hold back on anything defeating their opponents by a score of ‘16-9’ and moving on to face FrostFire in the Decider Match.

Decider Matches 

Group – A

After eliminating Sad Story, Question Mark moved on to face Ignis in a BO3 series the winner of which would move on to the Playoffs.

Ignis started off strong by taking an easy win on Cache with the scores reading ‘16-7’. Ignis dominated the first half of the match very hard which secured them a huge lead that was converted into a victory. 

The second match witnessed Question Mark giving it their all, as they fought neck-to-neck till the very end but losing some decisive rounds in the middle cost them the match. Ignis took the win on Train with a score of ‘16-12’.

Question Mark did put up a great fight but their journey came to an end as Ignis defeated them ‘2-0’, moving on to the Playoffs. 

Group – B

The game between MiTH.Streamer and FrostFire was yet another shocker as FrostFire were eliminated from the tournament after facing a ‘2-0’ loss to MiTH.

The first match between the two teams took place on Cache where FrostFire played an amazing CT-side but failed to perform in the latter half as they struggled to close out on the match. A brilliant comeback from  MiTH.Streamer sealed the match for them with the scoreboard reading ‘16-14’.

MiTH continued on with their winning momentum as they faced FrostFire on Mirage where they pummeled them yet again, this time distributing their victories evenly between the two halves, as they won with a score of ‘16-13’ and moved on to the Playoffs while the Malaysian team had to bid farewell to the championship.

With this, the Playoffs are all set to take place tomorrow with 29/90 eSports taking on MiTH.Streamer while  GOSU face-off against Ignis in the BO3, single elimination bracket.


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