Mineski take down LFY to set up date with Navi

Shounak Sengupta

24o, Jan, 2018
Mineski bounced back with a dominant 2-0 over LGD.ForeverYoung after slipping down to the lower brackets yesterday. ESL One Genting may not have gotten off to the best of starts for Mushi and company, but Mineski kicked off day 2 with a goal in their eyes. Seeded in Group B, Mineski faced SEA compatriots, TNC esports in round 1 eventually ending up in the bottom side of the bracket after a 1-0 defeat.
Mushi’s Battlefury Lifestealer gets the job done
Mineski is one of the most experimental teams out there, often pulling out unconventional picks and strats to one-up their opponents and this game certainly was no exception. While their offlane wyvern may not have worked against TNC, Mushi took it upon him to impress this time around. His carry LS, really worked a number on LFY, picking up a Battlefury to power farm his team to victory. The item seems to be gaining more and more popularity as heroes like the Phantom Lancer and Terrorblade also seem to be picking up the item time and again.
LFY meanwhile got their hands on the infamous ah-fu Earth Spirit but he wasn’t able to accomplish much as his offlaner was in a state of constant struggle. It was a pretty poor game for Inflame’s Batrider who had a terrible laning phase followed up by an equally terrible mid game which effectively sealed the doors on any hope that LFY had.
Win lanes=win games
In the second game of the series, Mineski opted for a different strategy, choosing to focus on the laning stage. With icex3’s Enchantress doing quite well in the offlane, there was no support for Op’s mid SF. This, in turn, opened up all three lanes for Mineski, allowing them to snowball quite effectively. It was a short and brutal game with LFY never really getting into it. With Aegis in hand, Mineski came for the middle set of raxes and LFY simply had no answer. The gg was called soon after.

 Clipped from Dotabuff
Elsewhere, Liquid managed to 2-0 Navi and sent them to the lower bracket where they will now face Mineski. 

Cover image source: ESL