Mineski qualify for the DAC 2018 Main Event, while Geek Fam get eliminated

Vignesh Raghuram

8th, Feb, 2018
Day 3 of the Dota 2 Asia Championships – SEA Regional Qualifiers did not bring in many surprises with it. Both series went pretty much the way we expected them to, with Mineski still maintaining their great form while TNC Pro Team and Geek Fam stumbled.
Mineski vs TNC Pro Team

Game 1 started with very questionable laning decisions from TNC Pro Team, with a Lycan, Elder Turan and Rubick in an aggressive trilane. Mineski with a Queen of Pain as their safelane carry handily won the trilane, which left Raven’s Lycan quite underfarmed. This meant that too much was on the back of Armel’s Outworld Devourer to get them to the point where they could actually fight on even terms against Mineski. That never happened, however and the whole team seemed disorganised for the whole game, giving Mineski an easy victory.

Game 2 had a last pick Medusa for TNC Pro Team. However, despite gaining a good momentum in the early game, she didn’t manage to carry the game as she just got kited by Mineski’s lineup. An underfarmed Razor similarly had little impact on the game and the team, severely lacking disables and teamfight, crumbled from the pressure of Mineski.
Fnatic vs Geek Fam

Game 1 started with a last pick Sniper for Abed, while Geek Fam went for a much more teamfight oriented draft with the dreaded Disruptor, Naga Siren, and an Outworld Devourer. They finished their draft with a fifth pick Slark.

The drafting stage clearly showed that both teams had studied each other well and both teams ended up with a multi-purpose lineup, with Geek Fam leaning towards early teamfights, while Fnatic got a bit more greedy with the Sniper pick. Despite that, through great early game rotations, Fnatic managed to find early momentum which allowed all three of their cores to rake in the farm and never allowed Geek Fam to truly shine with their Naga-Disruptor teamfight combinations. Which in turn meant that Skemberlu couldn’t really get the ball rolling on his Slark allowing Fnatic to pick up an easy victory.

Game 2: Fnatic surprised with a Pugna pick, trying to keep Geek Fam’s Tinker under control. Fnatic had a good start into the game, but Geek Fam made sure to trade favorably on the back off of xRag’s space creating Bounty Hunter. Naturally, Geek Fam pulled ahead in terms of networth but aside from Tinker, the team struggled to find the necessary items to take on Fnatic. Regardless, Geek Fam managed to bring them down in a big teamfight, forced Abed to dieback and were able to take 2 lanes of rax, but just a few minutes later, Fnatic forced an engagement and killed Tinker without buyback, spelling the end of the game for Geek Fam.

Geek Fam has thus been eliminated from the DAC SEA Qualifiers, but they can keep their chins up for they have performed better than anyone would have expected them to. Perhaps they can use this experience to qualify for a Valve LAN.

Fnatic will take on TNC Pro Team, tomorrow at 02:30 PM IST | 04:00 PM SGT. It should be a great matchup considering the level of talent both teams process. Which of these two will join Mineski and compete in the Dota 2 Asia Championships? We’ll find out tomorrow.

We will be casting the Match on our Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/afkgamingesports. Do Tune in.


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