Mineski drop down to the lower brackets and Chinese teams dominate on day 4 of the Supermajor

Shounak Sengupta

6o, Jun, 2018

*Cover Image source: @PWRD_DOTA2

2 more teams went home at the end of Day 4 while the 4 teams for the winner bracket semifinals have now been decided. It was a good day for Chinese teams as 3 of them picked up wins while only Newbee suffered a loss.


VP show Newbee the door to the lower bracket


The DPC leaders showed Newbee just why they are the best team in the world, with a 2-1 victory that propelled them to the WB semifinals. No[o]ne and Ramzes both had an exceptional series as we’ve come to expect of them over the season as they sent Newbee down to the LB. Their victories came swift and CIS team dominated games 1 and 3 forcing gg’s before the 30-minute mark twice. It was in game 2 that they looked a little uncomfortable especially No[o]ne who wasn’t allowed the same kind of impact that he likes to have on the Razor. It was just a small hiccup for VP who still look like the best team at the tournament.


Mineski unable to repeat their past performance versus PSG.LGD


Mineski have been the last team to beat PSG.LGD on LAN but were unable to repeat their performance in the winner's bracket. They did win a game but it was more due to poor drafting from LGD more than anything else. Game 1 saw Maybe go 20-0 on his SF and Ame go 7-0 on Lycan as LGD cruised to a win. The third game of the series was close for the first half, but LGD were just waiting for key items on Ame’s Morphling. Once again Ame and Maybe combined to put up 36 kills on the board as LGD turned their early game deficit into a pretty comfortable win.


New roster, same result for Na’Vi


For the umpteenth time, this DPC season Na’Vi were made to look like an inferior team as VG knocked them out of the competition and moved on in the lower bracket. In true Na’Vi fashion, Na’Vi tied the series at 1-1 giving hope to their fans only to lose game 3. It was a pretty clumsy series from both teams but VG had better drafts all the way. Lanm and Fenrir especially had way more impact than Lil and Velheor which was a major contributing factor in Na’Vi’s losses.


TFT unable to stand with the big boys


No one rated TFT highly coming into the tournament and they ended up being one of the first teams to be eliminated. VG.J Thunder who need to keep their 8th position to get a direct slot at TI8 were the ones to knock them out, picking up a clean and easy 2-0 over the Swedes. Freeze’s Bloodseeker picked up 16 kills and had 0 deaths as Thunder forced a  gg at 35 mins. In game 2, Sylar took it upon himself to finish the game as TFT felt the wrath of his signature Lycan in a 30-minute game.