Mineski Corporation responds to Scantzor’s allegations of mistreatment

Vignesh Raghuram

1st, Nov, 2018

In response to Scantzor's allegations about mistreatment by Mineski Corporation, the organisation has now released an official statement about the situation. 

Through their statement, the organisation mentions that “The Mineski that Scantzor experienced may have been imperfect, but we have since implemented vast changes in our company that has made a positive impact in the lives of our employees, professional teams, and the esports industry in Southeast Asia.”

Responding to Scantzor’s allegations,

  • Mineski have stated that since Scantzor knew some privileged information about their pro teams and their strategies, some strictness was necessary to protect their interests. However, they claim that they’ve worked towards a healthier, more inclusive esports scene since then.

  • They’ve also given a detailed explanation on why Scantzor and the rest of the Mineski players were transferred to the Happy Feet organization.

    Moving on to Scantzor's transfer from the Mineski-Dota team to HappyFeet, we apologize to him if the move was perceived negatively, but the pro teams and our Mineski pro players will always be a treasured pillar of Mineski. At the time, the Mineski-Dota roster was updated with top Southeast Asian talent to improve their chances of reaching The International, which they did this year. During that time, the decision had to be made while Scantzor was on an extended personal leave, which was not ideal but was necessary at the time for his well-being. In order to continue to support the careers of our Filipino players who would have been removed from the roster, we instead gave them, along with Scantzor, opportunities to still compete under the HappyFeet brand. We have been supporting and developing esports talent for over a decade, and our first commitment to them is the protection of their careers.


  • Mineski acknowledged that Scantzor was working with the organization for six months without a new contract. But they also added that they “both continued to act on the said good faith of the original contract, observing our respective rights and duties (coaching and payment thereof)” and added that they were compliant with "all applicable labor laws, rules and regulations, and other social welfare legislation" even though no contract was present.

  • About ‘poor living conditions’, they mentioned that they offered the best accommodation they could realistically afford to Scantzor, and that they were disappointed that "the lodging we gave was not to his liking" considering that other top executives from the Mineski organization continue to stay in the same housing to this day.

  • The management goes on to claim that they “have always led the region in ensuring that players are given contracts and fair wage.” and are now paying salaries more than the government sanction minimum wage to all their players.

Further down the post, the organization says that they are one of the leaders in legitimizing esports and creating a gaming industry in the Philippines. They conclude by stating:

"We are deeply sorry if Scantzor felt otherwise, but as every professional can attest to, searching for a company culture that aligns with an individual’s beliefs and aspirations is an ongoing personal quest. We do realize that we still have a long way to go and we will not stop improving as we bear the responsibility of being leaders in a region where the esports industry is still quite young, and has much to learn.”


At the time of writing this, Anthony "Scantzor" Hopkins has not yet responded to Mineski's statement.


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