Mineski are the champions of the DreamHack India Invitational

Vignesh Raghuram

23rd, Dec, 2018

The grand finals of the DreamHack India Invitational featuring Neon Esports and Mineski finally came to a close with Mineski emerging victorious 2-1.

The match was one of the most intense series’ we’ve seen all year on Indian soil with an extremely high level of strategy and skill being displayed on the main stage.

Here’s a short recap of the Grand Finals.


Game 1: Mineski went for an unorthodox lineup featuring an Elder Titan offlane and a Mid Rubick, backed up by Skadillicious’ Phantom Assassin. Neon Esports, on the other hand, went for a fairly standard lineup with a Morphling and a Monkey King as their carries.

While Mineski had a fairly good start, Neon esports eventually just outcarried them with their lineup to secure an early 1-0 lead.

Game 2: Mineski set the crowd on fire picking up a Meepo for JT, in order to counter Neon Esports’ Anti Mage. While Mineski got off to a great start, Neon Esports came back with their Meepo to secure the victory and even the series.

Game 3: The final match of the DreamHack India Invitational was a show of physical DPS dominance by Mineski featuring a Dazzle and a Slardar amplifying JT’s Phantom Assassin. Clinically executed ganks which transitioned into disciplined objective takedowns on the back of Mass Serpent Wards, lead to Mineski closing out the game with relative ease.

With this, Mineski are the champions of the DreamHack India Invitational and have secured INR 15 Lakh | ~$21,000 as prize money. This is their 2nd victory of the season following their triumph, earlier this month at the AMD Dota 2 Pro Series.



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