Mineski are eliminated from the Dreamleague: Season 11 Major

Vignesh Raghuram

18th, Mar, 2019

Image Courtesy: Dreamleague: Season 11 | Adela Sznajder

SEA representative Mineski have been eliminated from the Dreamleague: Season 11 Major after falling to Team J.Storm earlier today.

Mineski who surprised many with their polished play in the Group Stages were relegated to the Lower Brackets after a 2-0 loss to PSG.LGD. As a team known for their more reserved playstyle, Mineski found difficulties dealing with their aggressive opponents in their lower bracket match today.


Mineski vs J.Storm


Game 1: Despite having a day off prior to today’s elimination match, Mineski entered their first game of the day against J.Storm with their same old passive 4 protect 1 strategy. Unfortunately for Mineski, J.Storm took full advantage of their opponent’s passivity. J.Storm focused on shutting down Mineski’s side lanes while mid-laner Jonathan "bryle" Santos bullied Kam "Moon" Boon Seng into irrelevance.

While Ahjit did come back on his Morphling in the later stages, J.Storm had complete control of the game throughout and secured the Game 1 victory with ease.



Game 2: When they were one game away from being eliminated from the Major, Mineski decided to place their tournament hopes on comfort heroes picking up an Ember Spirit for Ahjit, while he was backed up by Moon’s Clinkz and kpii’s Leshrac.

However, after J.storm saw how disjointed Mineski appeared to be following their game one loss, they took full advantage of it. Led by stellar play from Moo on the Monkey King, J.Storm kept Mineski from building much of a lead and took the win in the final minutes after dominating the game throughout.



With that win, J.storm move on to face either Team Secret or Infamous in the next round. Mineski, on the other hand, are headed home with a top twelve placing at this event and 150 DPC points.


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