Mineski and Fnatic to represent SEA at the Stockholm Major

Shounak Sengupta

3o, Feb, 2019

Cover image source: @Mineski-Dota

Mineski qualified for their first DPC event of the season, the Stockholm Major along with Fnatic, who took top seed. The SEA Regional qualifiers came to an end earlier leaving us the two teams who will be representing the region in Sweden in March.

Fnatic the clear top dogs of SEA

Fnatic reinforced their claim as the top dogs of SEA by taking the top seed as they beat out Mineski 2-1 in the winner bracket finals. A strong performance from AhJit’s Juggernaut got Fnatic the early lead in the series, but Mineski struck back in game 2 on the back of a PA+Magnus and Grimstroke+Doom combo. However, Fnatic shifted to a whole new level in game 3 as they tore apart Mineski’s cheesy draft involving an offlane Naga Siren.

BOOM ID close but not yet there

BOOM ID made short work of Lotac as Dreamocel and Fervian linked up well to take the series 2-0. Dreamocel’s space making capabilities on Tiny allowed Fervian to come online efficiently as BOOM ID ran through Lotac’s drafts pretty convincingly.

Mineski edge out the Indonesians after Nana’s monster performance on Clinkz

In the decider, Mineski took the Tiny for themselves, executing a very similar strat as Nana’s Tiny snowballed fast, allowing AhJit’s AM the time and space to take the game away from BOOM. In game 2, BOOM ID had the better draft as Dreamocel’s Leshrac and Fervian’s Luna mowed through Mineski’s PL and Rubik in teamfights.


However, Mineski brought out a surprise mid-Clinkz for Nana in game 3 and he proceeded to dominate not just his lane but the entire map, finishing the game with 22 kills.