Mineski and Fnatic have a disastrous run in the MDL Disneyland Major Group Stages

Vignesh Raghuram

6th, May, 2019

It has been a horrible outing for SEA Dota 2. Perhaps, the worst one in this season’s Dota Pro Circuit. Fnatic and Mineski failed to recover from yesterday’s blunders and plummetted to the Lower Brackets in the playoffs.

Here’s how both SEA teams performed in the Group Stages of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major.



Mineski started the day off strong against paiN Gaming, pulling off an unbelievable come back in a marathon Game 1 to secure a 1-0 victory. While 4dr put up an incredible fight on his Ember Spirit, kpii’s Dark Seer managed to clutch the game for Mineski as he pulled off some sick Vaccum-Wall combos to secure the win. Game 2 saw Mineski prevail with superior execution.

Unfortunately, they ran into a brick wall against PSG.LGD. The two teams faced off earlier yesterday, with Mineski ending the series, not landing a single blow on the Chinese juggernauts. However, this time, it looked like Mineski had found a way to take a game off LGD as the opening 25-minutes of Game 1 went their way. Unfortunately, the Chinese team rallied and secured the win in the later stages of the game.


Game two was pretty similar except for the fact that Mineski picked up a surprise Meepo. PSG.LGD didn’t flinch, they took it to the late game and secured the 2-0 win to book their upper bracket place.




Fnatic kicked off their day with an easy Game 1 victory against coL, who opted for a cheesy Broodmother pick which went horribly wrong. However, that was the only blow Fnatic would land on the 2nd day of the Group Stages.

Complexity’s coach, Kips outdrafted Fnatic in Game 2, leading the NA team to pick up a relatively straightforward victory, pushing the series to a deciding Game 3. The third game was quite even until the very end, in which both teams killed off 4 heroes in the opposing side. However, while Fnatic’s lone survivor, Abed on the Puck started clearing waves to delay coL’s push, coL’s survivor Ahjit went for the jugular - picking up a Desolator and backdooring Fnatic’s ancient to secure the win for the NA squad.



With that, both SEA teams will start off the playoffs of the MDL Disneyland Paris Major in the lower brackets. The playoffs are scheduled to begin tomorrow, May 6th at 01:30 PM IST.

Both SEA teams will face elimination in a BO1 series, with Fnatic taking on Keen Gaming and Mineski taking on Team Empire.




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