Mechanics Mondays: Status Resistance

Shounak Sengupta

17th, Dec, 2018

One of the newer mechanics introduced in Dota 2, is Status Resistance. While the mechanic was there in the previous iteration of Tiny’s ability - Grow, the fact that any hero can now build status resistance with the help of items means that it will definitely need to be studied further to understand when and how we need to build it and how it interacts with different skills.

What is Status Resistance?

Status Resistance is a mechanic that reduces the duration of debuffs and the slow values of slows. Status Resistance only affects the negative buffs placed by opponents and does not reduce the duration of buffs placed by allies.
All heroes start with 0 base Status Resistance. But Strength heroes receive 0.15% status resistance per point of Strength.


Does Status Resistance stack?  

Yes, but it stacks diminishingly. This means that the resistance value increases diminishingly with a higher percentage of status resistance. The formula for Status Resistance is:

Status Resistance = 1- ((1-first instance)*(1-2nd instance)*....) 

So, for example, consider a level 25 Ursa who has taken the 80% Status Resistance talent and activated Enrage and has a Satanic. Now, Ursa’s ultimate gives him 80% status resistance while Satanic gives 30%. Ideally, he should have 110% SR but if we use the formula:
1-((1-0.8)*(1-0.3)) = 0.86 or 86% is the actual Status Resistance that Ursa has.


How do we build Status Resistance?



The maximum passive Status Resistance that a hero can stack just with items is if they build 6 Satanics. This would add up to a Status Resistance of 88%.


Which heroes have spells to grant themselves/others Status Resistance?




What abilities does Status Resistance affect?

Status Resistance affects the duration of all stuns, hexes, roots, Single target damage reduction, Single target slows, Taunts, Fears, Silences, Mutes, status effects like maim and disarm. It also affects steal based status effects like Slark’s Essence Shift and OD’s Arcane Orb.

It also affects Spells which works based on ticks but it increases the Tick Rate which means that the overall damage/effect is the same but over a shorter duration. Examples of these abilities include AA’s Ice Blast, Batrider’s Flaming Lasso, Bane’s Fiend’s Grip, Shadow Shaman’s Shackles, Pudge’s Dismember among others.
Additionally, Status Resistance works on slows, reducing the slow value like for example, Venomous Gale, Poison Touch, Viper Strike, Shadow Strike, Arctic Burn etc.

What abilities does Status Resistance not Affect?

Skills which change your status in a certain AOE.
Riki’s Smokescreen silences in a particular AOE.
Void’s Chronosphere applies a Stun debuff in a particular AOE.
Sniper’s Shrapnel slows in a particular AOE.
Negative Status Resistance
Negative Status Resistance works pretty much in the same way as Status Resistance, except it inverses the effects, increasing durations of negative buffs and increasing values of slows. It is the same mechanic with negative values. Currently, Bane is the only hero who can apply negative status resistance with his first skill, Enfeeble.


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