MDL Disneyworld Paris Major SEA Qualifiers: No surprises as Fnatic and TNC top their respective groups

Shounak Sengupta

30th, Mar, 2019

Cover image source: Adela Sznajder | Dreamleague Season 11

Fnatic and TNC breezed through day 1 of the closed regional qualifiers for the Paris Major, with both teams ending as top seeds with a record of 4-0 in the group stages.

Unscathed and unfazed - TNC and Fnatic dominant on Day 1

Fnatic found easy pickings in their group, starting off the day with a clean 2-0 vs WG.Unity. For the winners bracket finals, they took on Neon Esports, who had earlier found a surprise win over BOOM ID. However, the Filipino stack were leagues behind Fnatic, as it was evident in the winner bracket finals, where they fell 2-0.


In Group B, TNC picked up a relatively quick and easy 2-0 over EVOS, followed by a slightly laboured 2-0 over Mineski to secure top seed for themselves.

Tigers implode once again

Dreamleague season 10 champions, Tigers once again fell flat in the SEA quals, losing to both Mineski and EVOS and have now been eliminated from the competition. It’s yet another disappointing showing from 1437 and company who have to do some serious introspection to evaluate their results in recent months. In their opening series versus Mineski, the Tigers failed to pressure AhJit in both games, and the carry player ran away with the series. The 2 SF picks for Dendi in the midlane were quite pointless as the former Na’Vi midlaner failed to have an impact across the series.


In the eliminator vs EVOS Esports, former carry player, InYourDream returned to haunt the Tigers, snowballing hard and fast on his Ursa in game 1. Tigers, levelled the series, thanks to a better draft in game 2, as InYourDream’s Lifestealer found it hard to fight against Dendi’s Razor. But in game 3, he struck back with a massive performance on PA, slicing and dicing his way to a win.


Mineski meanwhile, managed to sneak into the upper bracket, courtesy of AhJit’s Morphling as they took down EVOS 2-0. However, they face an uphill battle, against undoubtedly the best team in SEA, Fnatic. BOOM ID and Neon are fighting for an upper bracket slot against Fnatic, while the loser will start off in the lower bracket along with EVOS. Both Tigers and WG.Unity have been eliminated.