?Massive Upset - Evil Geniuses knocked out of GESC: Thailand

Vignesh Raghuram

12th, May, 2018
Two series. Six games. In the end, one NA team was jubilant because they had just won their first DPC points of the season. VGJ.Storm announced their entry into the DPC table with a brilliant victory over The Final Tribe.

On the other hand, Evil Geniuses would be utterly disappointed as their chances of securing a Top 8 placing in the DPC tables slip further away after a shocking loss to Chinese team Keen Gaming.

How did this unfold? Well here is a brief recap of Day 3 of the GESC: Thailand Dota 2 Minor.
Keen Gaming vs Evil Geniuses

Game 1 saw Keen Gaming take the lead in the early game thanks to great movements from their roaming Nightstalker. The Chinese displayed superior coordination and focused their control spells on SumaiL’s Centaur Warrunner and Arteezy’s Luna to prevent the NA lineup from building any momentum. A Roshan fight around the 20-minute mark gave Keen the full control over the game and despite EG’s efforts to execute their push strategy, the Chinese team simply outplayed Arteezy and company, taking the victory with well-coordinated plays coming from their Winter Wyvern, Night Stalker and Underlord.

Game 2 went to EG’s favor as SumaiL returned to mid lane on an Ember Spirit while Cr1t- was given Leshrac, a hero who enabled him to deliver the big plays and the good rotations, giving Arteezy the space need to farm a fast BkB on his Luna. EG’s magic burst and push power provided by Luna, Leshrac, Ember and the good team fight control from Doom and Bane pushed the series in a decisive game three.

Game 3 saw Keen Gaming go back to their roots of picking strong laners with the Mid Razor. Keen itemized for early team fights and had their offlane Doom building all the sustain items needed to go for the high ground early. Pipe of Insight, Crimson Guard and Shiva’s Guard kept the Chinese team pretty safe from EG’s Kunkka splash or Lesh’s spells and was the key towards the victory which eliminated Evil Geniuses from the event.

VGJ.Storm vs The Final Tribe

Game 1 saw VGJ.Storm utterly dominate the European side with strong Mid game cores including Templar Assassin, Gyrocopter and an Axe. Sneyking’s Axe, in particular, took apart The Final Tribe finding several pick offs in the early-mid game allowing his team to amass a massive networth advantage on their other cores. This proved to be crucial, as The Final Tribe just couldn’t stand up to the damage dished out by Resolut1on and Yawar on their Templar Assassin and Gyrocopter thanks to the networth deficit. VGJ.Storm easily closed out the game after securing themselves an Aegis+Cheese.

The Final Tribe prevented the fast tempo of VGJ Storm in Game 2 with their draft which included a Troll Warlord and Spirit Breaker, plus Skywrath Mage to go toe-to-toe with the NA team in the early skirmishes. The game was a continuous back and forth battle that culminated with VGJ.Storm being forced to get two Divine Rapiers in order to defend their throne. However, the Rapiers were one on Gyrocopter and one on Lycan, and were lost in the defending battles, and The Final Tribe closed out the game soon after.

For Game 3, VGJ. Storm drafted a full team fight oriented line-up, while The Final Tribe went with five heroes with single target abilities. In an utter stomp, VGJ.Storm crushed The Europeans in the deciding game of the series, bringing about an end to the Swedish team's hopes to continue further.

Today the action concludes with both the Semifinals and the Finals scheduled to take place. The last SEA representative Fnatic – who currently stand undefeated at this event – will take on VGJ.Storm while Team Secret will take on Keen Gaming for a place in the finals.


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