?Marksmen show no signs of slowing down

Shounak Sengupta

28o, Jan, 2018
Table toppers, Team Marksmen pulled even further ahead in the quest for glory as they picked up the win over Ritz’s Sherdils. It may not have been a perfect win like the one over Akramaks, but it was a decisive one nonetheless as the Marksmen picked up 13 points in comparison to the Sherdils who got only 3.
The Marksmen lost by inches in Tekken and then took the victory in Real Cricket but with the scores being tied up, they really came into full force.
Clearing up the cache
The map in play was cache, and you could see that the Sherdils were really uncomfortable on it as their movement and executions were pretty jittery and hesitant. Their CT side setup was pretty lacklustre and easy to read, and it took them the 3rd gun round to actually get points on the board. However, the Marksmen's economy was too solid by then and they were in no mood to be callous. The Sherdils were able to pick up 5 rounds on their CT side but they certainly didn’t make it look easy at any cost.
Riding high on confidence, the Marksmen were in their element and with a win in the pistol round, they shut the door on the Sherdils pretty devastatingly. In the end, it was a perfect half from them and they closed it out with an 11 round margin. Rix was the top fragger with 25 frags to his name for a mere 11 deaths.
Late game prowess
 The Dota game was much more closely contested and went until the 50-minute mark before the Marksmen were ultimately able to close it out. Their late-game included a Spectre and Viper and with decent farm on their supports, they were able to go the distance. The Sherdils had a Mirana, a  Beastmaster and a Juggernaut and by no means were they outmatched, but as with Dota, it comes down to very small margins especially towards the end. The Spectre’s decision to go for an early Vanguard would pay off enormous dividends as he was able to survive the burst and aggression coming out from the Sherdils. However, the Marksmen were very dependant on their ultimates and had long cooldowns which the Sherdils abused. Both teams were farming the map, but the Sherdils found it easy to go for objectives when the Echo Slam or the Haunt or even the Static Storm was down. Despite losing a tier 3, the Marksmen had already made up their mind to play for the late game and were very patient in their engagements. With key pickoffs going their way, the Marksmen still played it patiently and forced out mistakes from the Sherdils who looked unnecessarily desperate.
Knowing that they were in the lead, the Marksmen took the outer towers, built up more items and eventually put the Spectre in a place where the Sherdils would need an exorbitant amount of damage and control to kill. It simply became an insurmountable task and the gg was called with no hope on the horizon.
The Marksmen are currently cruising at U Cypher and have been dominant in all their games. And it has more or less been good leadership and smart teamwork that has led to this kind of results. It’s still early on in the season and there is a lot still to come but by the looks of things, the Marksmen have currently found the formula for victory. 

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