Mammoth showcase their true potential as GE & Signify undergo a slight slump

Aditya Singh Rawat

30o, May, 2019


Cover Image Courtesy: Mammoth Gaming

The second phase of the Masters League for the ESL India Premiership - Summer 2019 has undergone quite a few exciting matches which have seen the rise of Mammoth Gaming, a slump in Global eSport’s performance and a bit of a struggle for Signify.

This is what the points table looks like at the time of writing this article,

Image Credit: ESL Gaming

Mammoth Rise

The team which started off the first phase as part of the Challengers Cup worked its way through to the top which resulted in them facing off against Brutality in a relegation match. The victory ensured them a place in the Masters League for this phase and they have justified them being a part of this league.

They are currently standing second on the points table having won two of their three encounters yet. After losing in their opening match against Entity Gaming, the team came back strong in their match against Malhar.

Confident after their last victory, the team in their recent match against Signify, pulled off a tight victory after playing out all the 30 rounds. 

The overall performance has been really great and they can surely be in the top four if they continue to keep up their present form.

Dry Spell

Global eSports who finished third in the last phase of the Masters League seem to be undergoing a dry spell, having won just one out of their three matches yet.

After taking an opening blow from Entity, the team went on to claim their match against Malhar. Confident against their next opponent as well, it was a bit of a surprise to see Global eSports go down to Wings.

They are currently placed quite low on the table, hope this changes around as the league continues otherwise the team might just miss out on their first ever LAN Finale.

Bottom Lurking

Along with GE even Signify are in the bottom half of the points table. Though the team has only played two matches yet, still a loss against JHS would have been quite a blow. They topped the table last time around and surely have the potential to do it again.

Tomorrow’s match against U Geist will be quite crucial. If Signify wins, they will move quite high on the points table but it will be a challenge as U Geist seem to be in good form, taking down Entity Gaming in a dominating manner a few days back.

LAN Finale - Summer Season

ESL India has gone ahead and announced that the LAN Finale will be taking place in Mumbai at the Dublin Square, Kurla West from 29th-30th June. Further information about the LAN Finale will be announced after the online phase of the event concludes on 19th June.

It is still pretty early in the League with some teams just having played a single match. Let’s see how the table shifts in the days ahead, do the teams stagnate around the same position or is there a complete overhaul of the points table.