Love it/Hate it? Here's what the pro's feel about 7.07

Shounak Sengupta

2nd, Nov, 2017
The Dueling Fates patch is now live and as usual people have reacted in various ways. Here’s a how some of the more established members of the community feel. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, here are the patch notes.

Fogged’s summary of patch note reading was accurately summed up in this tweet.
Fly is really baffled by all the changes, not surprising, considering that he will be drafting for OG at the DotaPit Minor starting tomorrow!

Saksa maybe taking a break from competitive Dota, but his plans to hit 10kmmr seem to now have been put on hold

Sumail definitely loves the new patch, with new items and changes could we see his infamous Storm Spirit making a comeback?
  However his teammate didn’t seem so sure! Optic’s Zai, added salt to the injury with this taunt as well 

Complexity’s offlaner Moo describes Beastmaster’s changes perfectly. It’s one of his top heroes and his HotD build could soon be very popular on the hero.


Analyst/Color commentator William ‘Blitz’ Lee was still too hungover from the ESL afterparty when the patch notes were initially out. But he sobered up to hate on the new hero, Dark Willow  

There was some support for Pangolier however, but the best one comes from reddit user u/anoori9000 who uses the update to raise awareness towards Pangolin trafficking.


SK Gaming's captain and top proffesional Counter Strike player Gabriel 'Fallen'Toledo also got in on the hype!


But things were falling apart for Maelk who was still figuring out how to get into into the game


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