Liquid & Fnatic take on each other in the grand finals of the IEM Sydney 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat

4o, May, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Intel Extreme Masters

The second day of Playoffs has come to an end with Liquid and Fnatic moving on to the Grand Finals of the IEM Sydney 2019. Both the teams faced off against top-notch competitors, MIBR and NRG Esports, respectively.

This is how the playoffs have gone till now with the Finale left to be played out tomorrow between Fnatic and Liquid at the Qudos Bank Arena starting 10:30 IST.

Image Credit: Liquipedia

Liquid eliminate MIBR

The all-star best-of-three series did not hold up to the expectation of the crowd initially, with MIBR going down without giving much of a fight on Mirage. It did not seem as if the team was comfortable at any stage of the match, Liquid did not hold a huge lead on them but traded effectively enough to always stay a few steps ahead of them which converted into a victory for the NA side.

The second match lifted up the spirit of the massive crowd as they cheered on both the teams as they took us on a crazy ride. The match did not see many trade-offs rather it was a ride with plenty of highs and lows with both the team letting their momentum carry them along. The result was a draw which led to overtime.

Liquid struck first and kept up the effort to keep MIBR down, the Brazilians were in trouble after being down three rounds as any mistake from them would cost them the match and it did as Liquid went on to win the match ‘19-15’ and qualify onto the Finals.

Fnatic strikes again

Fnatic for the fourth time in a row this event turned the tables on their opponents by winning the decider match after equalising the best-of-three series ‘1-1’.

The Swedes took the lead by winning against NRG ‘16-11’ on their map pick Inferno. This was followed by the NA squad marking their comeback by hunting down Fnatic on Train.

The decider on Mirage was not all that intense with Fnatic ensuring a healthy lead in the first half and closing out in style, after letting the crowd have some fun by tickling them with a comeback facade.

With this, the Playoffs and the event are just one game away from its conclusion as the Grand Finale is ready to take place between Liquid and Fnatic tomorrow in a best-of-five series.