Liquid & Astralis make it to the semifinals of FACEIT Major Challengers Stage

Aditya Singh Rawat

22o, Sep, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Astralis

The second day of the FACEIT Major Challengers Stage saw Team Liquid taking on HellRaisers while Astralis faced off against FaZe Clan.

With Na’Vi and MIBR already in the semifinals after winning their respective games on the first day, the second semifinal match-up will be set after the end of today’s matches.

A 'Hell' Of A Match 

The first game of the day witnessed Team Liquid taking on HellRaisers. The BO3 series went down to the decider as both teams fought tooth and nail to move on to the semis.

The first match was played on Mirage as Liquid displayed a dominant T-side. HR managed to take a few rounds in the latter half but couldn’t manage a comeback as Liquid won the match ‘16-10’. The following match witnessed the two teams fighting it out on Dust 2, where HR got their revenge. The first half was really tight as both the sides fought hard to take the lead but HR brutally dominated the latter half winning 10 rounds in a row to take the match with a score of ‘16-10’.

The decider was played on Cache where Liquid managed to take a decent lead and kept their plays clean and simple to take the victory with the scoreboard reading ‘16-8’. As Team Liquid move on to the semifinals HellRaisers are knocked out of the tournament.

Fazed By Liquid 

FaZe Clan faced off against Astralis in the second game of the day which was a straight dunk for Astralis as they defeated FaZe by winning two really close matches. 

The first match observed the two teams fight it out on Mirage. After a shaky start, Astralis managed to find their rhythm which caused havoc for their opponents as Astralis took quite a good lead playing CT-side. After the switch, FaZe took on the challenge and were about to force an overtime but just couldn’t stand up to the pressure of that clutch 30th-round that witnessed Astralis taking the first match '16-14'.

The next match took place on Inferno with FaZe taking a significant lead at the halftime mark which was backed by well-executed plays. The next half is where Astralis made their brilliant comeback showcasing heavy discipline and executing those simple plays with perfection, as they took the match away from FaZe with the score reading ‘16-12’.

With this, the second semifinal match-up is set to take place between Team Liquid and Astralis, which will be held tomorrow along with Navi vs MIBR.