KL Major Playoffs Day 6: Arteezy’s Terrorblade too much for NiP to handle

Shounak Sengupta

17th, Nov, 2018

EG punched their ticket into the top 3, on the back of Arteezy’s Terrorblade as once again, NiP’s failure to adjust their drafts cost them in the series. The 2-1 win guarantees EG 2100 DPC points, almost a good 50% more than what 4th placed NiP get. For PPD’s team, its been a good run as they placed in the top 4 despite playing with a standin.

Game 1: Ace’s Morphling gets NiP the lead

Both teams fought to the bitter end in the first game, with Arteezy’s TB and Ace’s Morphling going blow for blow in the teamfights. However, in the later stages of the game, NiP were able to abuse the long Meta cooldown on TB to take better teamfights and found themselves having taken all 3 lanes of barracks by the hour mark. While EG still had a strong teamfight, Mind_Control’s decision to buy a Refresher just to lock down the TB even longer, came of use and NiP found the crucial kills as they look the lead in the series.

Game 2: One teamfight turns the game around

NiP’s Drow strat seemed to have done the trick as NiP built themselves up an early lead and took a lane of barracks but one clutch teamfight from EG swung the game around as Arteezy was able to get his Sunder off and turn the fight around. EG found the momentum required as the high armour TB became very hard for NiP to deal with. Fata’s Visage also started falling off as EG capitalized and were able to get the win.

Game 3: EG walk all over NiP after a good laning phase

NiP’s decision to pick up the Drow once again in game 3, came back to bite them as this time, EG never allowed them to snowball. A solid laning phase made it hard from EG, made it hard for NiP to find the momentum and it became clear that they lacked the damage to bring down EG who were supplemented by Kunkka’s Ghostship in the teamfights. EG just came out in top in all of the mif-game engagements and were able to use their lead to close out the game rather easily.


Overall the bo3 was extremely close with both teams giving it their all, but in the end, EG had the better drafts as they were able to close it out.



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