KL Major Playoffs Day 3: TNC eliminate Alliance from the Major

Shounak Sengupta

13th, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: @PGL

One of the two remaining SEA teams, TNC Predators, moved into the top 8, with a clinical display of Dota as they took down the Swedish stack of Alliance. TNC looked comfortable in their victory and are looking like they have managed to shake off their poor run in the group stages, with back-to-back wins in the lower bracket.

TNC outplayed Alliance for much of the series, especially in the laning phase, as Alliance were left looking like a weaker side. Game 1 saw, Armel dominate on his Lina as TNC were able to find quick kills and bail on the back of the Centaur ultimate. They used their lead to take the top lane of barracks but lost 4. Alliance’s hail mary play for the mid lane didn’t work out and in the last fight of the game, ninjaboogie set his team up with a 4 man’s Winter’s curse as TNC wiped Alliance to take the lead.


Game 2 proceeded in similar fashion, with Armel’s TA dominating the mid lane once again. With two tanky frontliners in Timbersaw and Centaur, TNC charged into team fights without a care as Armel’s damage was enough to clean up the squishy Alliance heroes. Once again, TNC lost heroes while attempting highground but came back hard in the following team fight, finishing Alliance to claim the win.



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