KL Major Playoffs Day 1: Tigers crash out of the Major a week after winning Minor

Shounak Sengupta

11th, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: @Dreamhack Dota

Tigers became one of the first teams to be knocked out of the KL Major after a loss to CCnC’s SA stack, PainX. The loss comes just a week after the SEA team impressed everyone with their first LAN win at the Dreamleague Season 10 Minor. However, it seems that the team still has to put in the work required to compete in the big leagues. While their performance wasn’t necessarily at par with some of the bigger teams in the competition, they did have to face some tough opposition which forced them into an unpredictable bo1 lower bracket match against PainX. However, not all hope is lost for SEA as TNC Predators, survived their bo1 match against Pain Gaming.

TNC bust out a last pick Huskar to shut down Pain Gaming

A last pick Huskar coming out of TNC, did Pain Gaming in as w33 found nothing on the mid lane and nothing in the game in fact. His counterpart, Armel, however, had a merry time, proving to be unkillable as he lay in on enemy heroes and carved out a 23-minute win for his side.

Tigers struggle against the slow siege of PainX

CCnC’s Venomancer really worked a number on the Tigers, who had gone all in a wombo combo heavy lineup featuring a Magnus, Silencer and an Enigma. However, these heroes were able to do little against the max Plague Wards that made it difficult for Tigers to initiate. Tigers were never given the fight they wanted as PainX slowly and surely chipped away on the back off pickoffs thanks to 4dr’s Kunkka. The long cooldowns on Tigers didn’t help either and PainX abused it heavily as they ran off with a win near the 35-minute mark.


TNC now take on Alliance in the lower bracket while PainX will face Vici Gaming. Tigers will keep their 120 points from the Minor as the 75 they receive in the Major is lower.



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