KL Major Playoffs Day 1: Secret and PSG.LGD take easy wins to move into the top 6

Shounak Sengupta

11th, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: @EPICENTER

Secret and PSG.LGD will square off for the second time in recent months as they both moved onto the winner bracket semifinals. Secret had beaten PSG.LGD quite convincingly at the PvP Esports Championship, just last month. The wins came at the cost of both Vici Gaming and Alliance moving down to the lower brackets.

Unstoppable Secret have no trouble against VG

Secret are looking like one of the favorites to win the KL Major as another strong performance sees them eliminate a strong team like Vici Gaming. Despite having the unfair matchup in the lane, Midone’s Zeus provided the burst required to bring down the squishy VG heroes in game 1, making it very difficult for the Drow lineup to get anything done. The lack of initiation made it difficult for them to hold highground as Nisha’s TB was too big to deal with.

VG put up a much stronger fight in game 2, actually taking the net worth lead in the mid game, but the high control coming out of Zai’s Earthshaker and Puppey’s Axe became the real factors against Ame’s TB post the 35-minute mark. While both teams had strong heroes for the team fights, Nisha’s Venomancer’s damage over time combined with the control, allowed Secret to edge out VG and take the win.  

PSG.LGD switch up their drafts and send Alliance to the lower bracket

PSG also took down their opponents, Alliance in a similar dominating fashion, although with slightly off meta drafts. The support Centaur and Ame’s Troll made it easy for LGD to take fights against the Phoenix and with Maybe’s Mirana dominating his lane against Invoker, Alliance stood little chance in game 1. In game 2, the Chinese team brought out a DP and a support CK, whose Scepter pickup enabled the TB to go highground with uncontrollable amounts of damage. Offlane Shadow Demon and support CK were too much of a surprise as Alliance got pummeled across the entire series.


Secret will now face PSG.LGD in the upper bracket while Alliance and VG await their opponents in the lower brackets.