KL Major Group C: Tigers run into a dominant Fnatic after taking a close series against Gambit

Shounak Sengupta

10o, Nov, 2018

Cover image source: ggScore

Reigning Minor champions ran into fellow SEA team, Fnatic who proved to be the much better team in the crucial tie. Earlier Tigers had taken a close 2-1 win over Gambit thanks to Xepher’s heroics on the Rubik but Fnatic were in no mood to entertain as they took the series in less than an hour. Fnatic now move onto the upper bracket while Tigers will start in the lower bracket.

Xepher’s heroics get Tiger’s their first win

Tiger’s were able to play a fast paced pushing style to take the first game of the series against Gambit. However, the CIS side struck back with a win in game 2, off of their tanky cores. Game 3, was where the action was at with both sides going blow for blow. While Gambit, kept the advantage in terms of net worth, both sides were able to hang on with expending multiple buybacks. At the heart of the battle were KingR’s Enigma and Xepher’s Rubik, who were looking to land crucial Black Holes that would get their team the clear advantage. Gambit were able to get mega creeps after a long bloody battle, but Xepher’s game-changing Blackhole caught out the entirety of the Gambit side allowing the Tigers to take a 70-minute win.

Tigers unable to get past final boss

For the last series of Group C, Tigers took on Fnatic but quickly realized that they were outmatched. Fnatic simply ran at the Tigers in game 1, as DJ’s Earth Spirit won much of the early game for his team. MP’s Necrophos was simply too big for Tigers to deal with and ended the game with 12 games and 0 deaths. In game 2, Abed’s signature Meepo was all over the map, shutting down Tigers, and a Blink+Ethereal by 20 minutes made it impossible for the side of Tigers to make a stand.


Fnatic will now take on VP in the upper bracket of the playoffs while Tigers play a dangerous bo1 in the lower bracket against PainX.