Kiev Major Qualifier Details Announced via FACEIT

Nishant Patel

2nd, Mar, 2017
FACEIT has announced that they will be running the Open Qualifiers and the Champions Qualifiers for the Kiev Major 2017.

For the first time in the history of Dota2 Majors, CIS and South America will have their own paths to qualify to a Valve Major. In addition to this, the inclusion of the 'Champions Qualifier' rewards Champions Cup winners inside of Dota2 with a shot at making it to the Kiev Major!

Every team and / or individual player now has an opportunity to participate in the qualifiers and forge a path to glory at the main event.

Open Qualifier Details


As always, there will be two separate Open Qualifier brackets for each region. Qualifiers for five regions (excluding China) will be conducted via FACEIT.

Dates :

  • Open Qualifier #1 : 6th - 7th March

  • ?Open Qualifier #2 : 8th - 9th March

Format : Bo1 knockout till Semi Finals. Bo3 thereafter. South America Ro16 and Ro8 will be Bo3.

Times and Registration Links
Region Day 1 Check-in Time Day 2 Check-in Time Qualifier #1 Registration Qualifier # 2 Registration
SEA 16:00 SGT / 13:30 IST 16:00 SGT / 13:30 IST CLICK CLICK
CIS 16:30 MSK / 13:30 GMT 16:00 MSK / 13:00 GMT CLICK CLICK
Europe 15:00 CET / 14:00 GMT 16:00 CET / 15:00 GMT CLICK CLICK
South America 15:00 PET / 20:00 GMT 16:00 PET / 21:00 GMT CLICK CLICK
North America 15:00 CT / 21:00 GMT 16:00 CT / 22:00 GMT CLICK CLICK

Solo players will be able to join the tournament as soon as the check-in phase begins. Teams that didn't sign up on time will be able to register 30 minutes before the tournament starts if there are any available slots.

Rounds played will be as follows.

Day 1 - Ro 1024, Ro 512. Ro 256, Ro 128. Ro 64, Ro 32.

Day 2 - Ro 16, Ro 8, Semi Finals, Finals.

Additional Details
Click HERE for the Tournament FAQ and a step by step guide on how to participate.

Looking for a team? Try our forums HERE.

The Champions Qualifier

The Champions Qualifier is an alternative route to The Kiev Major 2017. This is an invite only tournament for the winners of the EU, NA and SEA Tier 8 Champions Cup within Dota 2. It begins on the 6th of March.

For more details about the Champions Qualifier and how to register, click HERE


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