Is MAZZIE the next Dota 2 hero that will be released?

Vignesh Raghuram

29th, Jul, 2018

All images sourced from Drew wolf

The International 2018 is right around the corner and we’re all set to witness the biggest esports tournament in history with some of the best teams in the world battling each other. But TI is not just about the competition, it is also the anticipation of what’s to come in Dota 2.

If it’s anything like last year, we’ll see two new Dota 2 heroes making their debut by the end of the tournament and there have been several rumours making the rounds on the Internet. Little by little, many details about the two heroes have been revealed through leaks, and several small hints dropped by Valve throughout the year.

It looks like we finally have enough information to speculate about one of the two upcoming Dota 2 heroes. We think that the hero’s name is most likely ‘Mazzie’.

We hope you are ready with your tinfoil hats, here are our reasons.

There are two major theories about Mazzie

'Mazzie is one of the Keen folk' Theory
  • He is most likely a small Keen, something like Timbersaw or Alchemist.

    We know this because his/her existence was first confirmed when Dark Willow was first released, and she had this voice line coded as a response to Clockwerk.

    “You're not friends with Mazzie, are you? I hate that little runt.”

  • We also have a concept art, referring ‘Mazzie’ from Drew Wolf - an artist who left Valve earlier last year. He has most likely worked on several Dota 2 heroes.

    In his portfolio, he has showcased Mazzie as a small tentacular creature driving a mechanical suit much like Clockwerk, Tinker, Timbersaw and even Techies.


Mazzie is the fourth elemental spirit Theory


This theory only recently took shape after Xyclopz leaked confidential information which provided us with some crucial information about ‘Mazzie’.

  • In the leaked screenshot posted by Xyclopz, we can see that ‘Mazzie’ is accompanied with a hero icon, very similar to a portrait we found on Drew Wolf’s portfolio in the Valve: Character Designs webpage.

    From the image above, you can clearly see the resemblance “Mazzie” has with the rest of the elemental spirits.

  • In the three spirits update, we saw three different graphical shapes for each of the three elemental spirits. A spherical shape for Storm Spirit, A square for Earth Spirit and a shape resembling a tear for Ember Spirit. Similarly you can see a triangle residing on the belt of Mazzie.

    Image sourced from Valve

    The fact that the person responsible for the designs of the Three Spirits Update, the elemental spirits design overhaul and the image above, is the same just adds credibility to our theory.


Now we know this is a long shot, but we’re working with very little details and are mostly going off leaks and hints provided by Valve. So, cut us some slack, and comment below to let us know you think of this recent find.

Do you think Mazzie will be the Air/Wind elemental spirit? Will he be a Keen Folk? Or something else entirely?


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