Interview with MasterRamen - Manager at Arrow Gaming

Nishant Patel

15th, May, 2014
The SEA qualifiers for The International 4 are all set to get underway.

We spoke to Firdaus 'MasterRamen' Hashim, the manager of Arrow Gaming, about his thoughts on the matter.

In addition to managing the team, MasterRamen is widely known as the man behind pretty much every scene in the South East Asian region.

Hello MasterRamen, who do you think will be the toughest competition for your team in the qualifiers?

MasterRamen : 
It's Execration. They always know how to beat Arrow and next to the list is Scythe Gaming. Arrow still can't counter Meracle's farm on Naga.

Has the team been bootcamping at the Arrow Gaming house? How would you sum up their form as on date?

MasterRamen : 
The team has been bootcamping for more than a week. Their performance during practice matches are flawless. Securing lots of wins etc. But it is training. Nothing can be certain during the qualifiers.

You have managed many teams and tournaments in the past. What are the primary challenges when managing a top tier team such as Arrow Gaming?

MasterRamen :
I have managed them from the time they were pub players till they became pro players. So they are close to me and have lots of faith and trust between each other. This makes things a lot easier. I would say the most challenging part is to get them ready for a match. Sometimes when they win a lot, they tend to relax and underestimate their opponent. So it is my job to wake them up so that they take each match seriously.

Does the team practice against any Chinese teams regularly or does ping prove to be too big of an issue?

MasterRamen : 
Nope. We haven't scrimmed against Chinese teams. We have a VPN but we are more comfortable practicing against SEA teams to test our chemistry and strategy.

Are any / all of the team members playing Dota as a full time career?

MasterRamen :
Currently, all 5 of them are playing Dota as a full time career. Only Lance sometimes goes back to college for classes and exams.

What are MasterRamen's predictions for the top 2 teams from The Internataional 4 SEA Qualifiers?

MasterRamen :
Scythe and Arrow :)

Thank you for your time! Before we wrap up, are there any shoutouts you would like to make?

MasterRamen :
Shoutout to AVF, TteSPORTs, AMD, AOC, Kingston and Xigmatek. Special shoutout to all Arrow fans and supporters. Personal shoutout to Naddy.

Follow MasterRamen at @ramenfirdaus



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