Interview with Adam at ESL One: Mumbai

Vignesh Raghuram

23o, May, 2019

Image Courtesy: ESL

In association with Esports Heaven, we recently interviewed Adam “343” Shah about his experiences at ESL One Mumbai, the Dota 2 culture in China and his time in compLexity Gaming.

Below is an excerpt from the interview.


Q. Is this your first time in India?

Yeah, it is my first time in India. We haven’t really left the hotel except for the travel from the airport to the hotel. But the food has been really nice and the fans in India are great too.


Q. You’re one of the highest placed TI players from SEA and have played in different regions as well such as NA, China and SEA for a long time. Can you tell us the difference between the regions and how much you had to adapt?

I think the culture in China regarding Dota 2 is very different. It’s more like a football club and a profession. A lot of organisations there pick up younger kids/talents and try to nurture them.

I think in SEA there is not enough support for players but there are really a lot of skilled players. I think NA pubs are bad but there are people who really try hard and there are some who play only certain heroes.

Europe is probably the highest skilled region but there can be players who are toxic as well.

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