Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai 2018 - Day 5 Recap

Nishant Patel

5o, Aug, 2018

Day-5 of IEM Shanghai 2018 started off with NRG taking on Gambit in the second ‘Round of Four’ match.

The winner of this BO-3 series will move onto the finals where they would be pitched against TyLoo while the other will be knocked out of the tournament.


Credits: ESL Counter-Strike

The first match of the series took place on Gambit’s map pick, Train. The pistol round saw NRG opening big with a triple-kill by ‘Cerq’, followed by a quad-kill in the next round from ‘FugLy’. Gambit equalized the score but some tight defensive plays from NRG won them five rounds in a row to take the score ‘7-2’ in their favour.

Gambit tried to catch-up to NRG but couldn’t close down on the gap with the score reading ‘9-6’ at halftime. NRG came in all guns blazing winning the second pistol round and followed up by taking the anti-eco rounds as well. Gambit tried to come back but NRG exploited their loose defensive plays to win the game with a score of ’16-8’, taking the lead ‘1-0’ in the BO-3 series.

The second match was played on Overpass, NRG’s pick. The pistol round went in favour of the Americans playing T-sided, winning the next 2 rounds as well. Gambit took their first for the half in the fourth round only to get stomped by a gigantic 8 round streak from NRG.  The half ended with NRG’s massive lead of ’12-3’.

NRG opened the second half winning 4 consecutive rounds to take the match ’16-3’ and the series ‘2-0’ dealing a crushing blow to the CIS team. Winning the second semifinals NRG proceeds to the finale where they will face TyLoo in a BO-3 series.

Day-5 of the tournament ended with an ecstatic NRG as they bested Gambit ‘2-0’ quite easily in a BO-3 series to move onto the finals.

The last day of the tournament will witness a clash between ‘The American Powerhouse-NRG’ and ‘The Pioneers of Chinese CS:GO-TyLoo’ as they fight it out in BO-3 series to win the coveted ‘IEM Shanghai 2018’ along with a cash prize of ‘1,25,000’ USD. Stay tuned to find out who wins it big tomorrow on   Day-6 update of the tournament.