Infamous and The Final Tribe sent to the brink of elimination

Vignesh Raghuram

1o, Nov, 2018

Image Courtesy: Dreamhack

Only two matches were played out in Day 3 of the Group stages, in the very first Minor of the new DPC season. 2 matches to decide which teams would move on to the upper brackets, and who will be 1 loss away from exiting the event: Na’vi vs Infamous and RNG vs The Final Tribe. Everything was on the line for all 4 four of these sides.


Na’vi vs Infamous


The Day’s matches kicked off with Na’vi vs Infamous. Game one dragged out to 41 minutes, with both teams having over 30 kills. Na’Vi held a lead through the mid-game as they edged out Infamous in a good number of team brawls. The game ended after one key brawl forced Infamous were teamwiped without buybacks on their key heroes. GGs soon followed and Na’vi took a 1-0 lead.


Game two was a lot less competitive and featured a lot of disjointed play on the part of Infamous. Thirty-one minutes and 40 kills later, Na’vi finished the 2-0 sweep and took their spot in the upper bracket for playoffs.


RNG vs The Final Tribe


Over in Group B, The Final Tribe and Royal Never Give Up faced off. The Final Tribe seemed to read every play RNG made as they dismantled the competition in 34 minutes with a 39-6 scoreline for a 1-0 lead.

RNG struck back in Game 2. While they were down and on the defensive for the majority of the early-mid game, Gao “Setsu” Zhenxiong and Sun “Srf” Runfa made a series of game-changing plays on the Storm Spirit and Magnus to turn the tides and secured a hard-fought 44-minute victory for the Chinese

The first two games were nothing compared to the marathon RNG ran for game three. An epic 83-minute showdown that saw a combined 99 kills and both teams reaching the max level of 25 as both teams were trying to not get knocked down to the Lower-brackets. TFT put up a great fight, with their late-game defence almost holding out. But RNG managed to chip away at the Barracks slowly as their own late-game push managed to win out.



Tomorrow the playoffs kickoff and we will see the first two teams eliminated from the Minor. The day kicks off with elimination right off the bat and the action then continues into the Upper Bracket where the winning teams proceed into the Upper Bracket Finals.