Indonesian tournament with a prize pool of 1.4 Billion kickstarts today!

Vignesh Raghuram

17o, Oct, 2018

The format and arena for the SEA Cyber Arena 2018 happening on October 17-21 are all set. The SEA Cyber Arena, will commence in Jakarta, Indonesia today, featuring a whopping prize pool amounting to Rp 1,400,000,000 or ~$92000. The tournament, facilitated by UniPin eSports and NimoTV, will be held at the Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta and will feature a variety of games including Dota2, CS:GO, Mobile Legends, Arena Of Valour, Point Blank, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, and PUBG.

The SEACA will also comprise the WESG 2018: Indonesian Finals for Dota2, CS:GO, Hearthstone and Vainglory. Which makes it one of the biggest ever esports events in SEA, and certainly the biggest one in Indonesia.


Here’s a short preview of the Dota 2 and CS:GO action which is all set to transpire at this colossal event.


WESG 2018 - Indonesian Finals


The World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Indonesia Finals are all set to start on 17th October 2018 alongside the SEACA. The winner of the Indonesian Finals will be representing the country at the World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Southeast Asia Finals taking place in Kuala Lumpur this December.

Dota 2

The 4 Dota 2 teams that will be fighting it out for a slot in the WESG 2018 - Southeast Asia Finals and the $1500 Prizepool are:

  • Indo Allstars:


  • PG.BarracX

  • Alter Ego

While Indo Allstars (Who are basically The Prime NND + SEA star inyourdream) and BOOM ID are the favourites to take this event and book their slot in the SEA Finals, it would be foolish to discard PG.BarracX and Alter Ego who have shown that they’re more than capable of upsetting the best SEA teams in several SEA qualifiers.


The 4 CS:GO teams that will be fighting it out for a slot in the WESG 2018 - Southeast Asia Finals and the $1500 Prizepool are:

  • PG.BarracX

  • The Prime


  • PowerDanger Esport


BOOM ID is the favourite to take the CS:GO tournament as well, but they would do well to be wary of The Prime and PG.BarracX who are two teams who can spring surprises on them.



Dota 2

While CS:GO fans will only have the WESG tournament to enjoy at the Mall Taman Anggrek, Dota 2 fans will be able to behold one more tournament in addition. The South East Asia Cyber Arena 2018 Finals will bring together 4 teams from 4 countries across the SEA region: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and of course Indonesia.

  • PG.BarracX

  • Resurgence

  • Tigers

  • Alpha Red

All 4 teams are familiar faces who have been in and around the Tier 1 SEA Dota 2 scene and have performed amicably well in last season’s non-DPC tournaments. Hence get ready to experience some top-notch SEA Dota 2 at the SEA Cyber Arena 2018 Finals.

Schedule and Stream

The first two days(17th and 18th October) of the event will be the WESG 2018 Indonesian Finals. The SEA Cyber Arena 2018 Finals will take place on 19th to 21st October. You can find more information about the schedule HERE

The matches will be streamed HERE