India’s esports journey towards Asian Games 2018 begins

Shounak Sengupta

2o, Jun, 2018

*Cover Image source: @esportsfederationofindia

The Asian Games 2018, also known as Jakarta Palembang 2018 will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia later this year from the 18th of August to the 2nd of September. And for the first time in the Asian Games history, esports will be a demonstration sport in the event. According to the Asian Esports Federation or the AESF, 6 titles have been chosen for Jakarta. They are as follows:

League of Legends

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Arena of Valor

Starcraft II


Clash Royale

Let’s quickly summarize on how things have been taking shape and what the road to Jakarta actually looks like. As it turns out, Indian representatives will be selected for each of these titles via national qualifiers. From there the players/teams will have to play in the South Asia Qualifiers. The other countries in the South Asia region are




Sri Lanka





The regional qualifier will take place in Vietnam. The details and dates for the regional qualifier are yet to be confirmed. The winners of the various titles at the Regional Qualifier will play in the main event in Jakarta.

The National qualifiers for India is being conducted by ESFI. Looking at how the qualifiers have been conducted, the lack of time has certainly been an issue. Across the various titles, many of the known/top players were unable to get passports ready due to the shortened time frame. Let’s take a look at how things have gone down.

League of Legends - A mixed team consisting of players from 2 of India’s top teams, Ruthless Gaming and White Shadows will participate under the Ruthless Gaming tag. Obviously, the qualification process wasn’t ideal, but Abhishek ‘Bhishi’ Sayan is still optimistic about the team’s chances at the Regionals.


It honestly is quite unfortunate that we did not have a proper qualifier for an opportunity as prestigious as this. More than half of our players from the top 2 teams did not have passports and could not arrange for them in such short notice.

The Team India roster was formed from the players that did have passports - we'll be
practicing as 5 in the coming weeks to prepare for the regional qualifiers. It's an amazing feeling to represent India and we will do our best to make everyone proud. - Abhishek ‘Bhishi’ Sayan


Abhishek ‘Bhishi’ Sayan

Steve ‘Fufuqt’ D’Souza

Samarth ‘Cranko’ Trivedi

Kirk ‘Capt Kirk’ Stephen

Steven ‘SupportLife’ Wang

Shubham ‘The Orion’ Anand (substitute)


PES 2018 - Navaneeth Anand was the winner of the PES National Qualifiers. He will be representing India in the regionals along with the runners-up, Ankur Diwakar aka Jauntytank.


Clash Royale - Karan Manganani won the Clash Royale national qualifiers.


Hearthstone - Tirth Mehta was the national champion.

Arena of Valor - Team ExDee were the national qualifier winners

Starcraft II isn’t being organized by ESFI as per our knowledge.