Indian LAN Gaming 'Season-2' - The Journey So Far

Aditya Singh Rawat

9th, Aug, 2018

Mid-Season Update
The season which started back in April 2018 has completed more than half of its run bringing us a lot of action-packed content. This tournament has witnessed it all, from nail-biting finishes and epic 1 v 5 clutches to rampages, trash talk and comebacks from the depths of hell!

What's more is that there is still some firepower left, as we enter the last two months of the ‘Minor Tournaments’, post which we will witness the ‘Online Regional Qualifiers’ followed by the ‘Grand Finale’.
For all of those who have been living under a rock, there is still a chance to prove your mettle and go for that win, guaranteeing yourself a sweet cash prize along with some serious bragging rights!

For all you lone wolves, please refer to the 1v1 tournament schedule given below:
Click On The Image For Full Schedule
Out of the ‘90’ 1v1s scheduled for the season, players are now left with ‘31’ more, to attempt and win in the head-to-head clash. 
Also remember to reach the venue closest to you, as the registrations for all 1v1s take place on the spot, right at the venue itself.

For all those who like to hunt in a pack, the schedule for the remaining Minor Tournaments is as follows:














Finally, it’s time to know the results of the minors that were held until now. So let's get down to it.
Date City Venue Winner Runner-Up
28th April Ahmedabad District 9 Team D9 Team Oblivion
23rd June Ahmedabad District 9 Team D9 Team Oblivion
14th April Bangalore LXG GoFigure Blitz Esports
23rd June Bangalore Blitz 1 Blitz Esports GoFigure
21st July Bangalore Blitz 2 TBA TBA
7th April Chennai Elite Gamer TEG Esports Infamous
30th June Chennai LXG GoFigure Team iYATi
7th July Chennai Elite Gamer TEG Esports Flirting with Danger
2nd June Coimbatore Battlegrounds Flirting with Danger GNK Squad
9th June Cuttack AR Gaming Asylum Elements Rage Gaming
28th April Guwahati Hopperz Arena Game Hike Apprentice Gaming
12th May Guwahati Gamers Den Apprentice Gaming Noobs in Action
21st April Hyderabad Yolo Esports HuntYouDown Maistry
12th May Hyderabad Yolo Esports HuntYouDown Team Uncharted
23rd June Hyderabad Yolo Esports HuntYouDown Dank5
7th July Hyderabad Playmax Invictus Kafan
30th June Jaipur Fatality Gaming Fuzion Gaming HAVOC
2nd June Kochi Woot Gaming Kalari Alternate Reality
28th July Kochi Woot Gaming TBA TBA
21st April Kolkata Battle Arena JMD Gaming Infected Mouse
28th April Kolkata Fusion Gaming JMD Gaming Forgot to Warmup
30th June Kolkata Fusion Gaming Team Oh Bey LANDODGERS
28th July Kolkata Fusion Gaming TBA TBA
14th April Lucknow Battle AX Playwithstyle Blackhand
16th June Lucknow Battle AX Nevermind GG
14th July Lucknow Battle AX TBA TBA
7th April Mumbai VGS Wicked Gaming Random 5
14th April Mumbai Circle Gaming Lounge VAC Banned Phoenix Gaming
5th May Mumbai VGS Team JHS Jaguars
2nd June Mumbai VGS Rising Stars ASDF Gaming
7th July Mumbai VGS SemperX ATE Gaming
28th July Mumbai Circle Gaming Lounge TBA TBA
26th May Pune Intencity Mag Pune Five Wicked Gaming
7th July Vellore Rock n Rolla TBA TBA
Dota 2
Date City Venue Winner Runner-Up
19th May Ahmedabad District 9 Bakc Gaming Rage for ownage
28th July Ahmedabad District 9 TBA TBA
21st April Bangalore Blitz 2 LXG Esports Banana Bois
9th June Bangalore LXG LXG Esports Piece of Cake
28th April Chennai LXG LXG Esports ICOD
5th May Chennai Elite Gamer ICOD Underdogs
7th April Coimbatore Battlegrounds Choppers Disciples Consortium
28th July Coimbatore Battlegrounds TBA TBA
14th July Cuttack AR Gaming Asylum Esports Fight Club No Weebs
2nd June Guwahati Gamers Den Random Roster Team Narcos
9th June Guwahati Hopperz Arena Head Hunters Ez Pz
14th July Guwahati Gamers Den TBA TBA
14th April Haryana XOing Game Zone Team Buriza Sadbois
7th April Hyderabad Yolo Esports Wipeout Line
2nd June Hyderabad Yolo Esports Wipeout Raven
7th July Hyderabad Yolo Esports TBA TBA
14th April Jaipur Fatality Gaming Perfect Execution Super Dry
28th April Kochi Woot Gaming FGod Devotees Boosted Scrubs
26th May Kolkata Fusion Gaming Surprise Gaming Experience Matters
16th June Kolkata Battle Arena Vibe Surprise Gaming
23rd June Kolkata Fusion Gaming Straw Hat Pirates Minus 25
21st July Kolkata Fusion Gaming TBA TBA
28th April Lucknow Battle AX Wolf Pack Playwithstyle
26th May Lucknow Battle AX Playwithstyle Wolf Pack
30th June Lucknow Battle AX GG Gaming Wolf Pack
28th July Lucknow Battle AX TBA TBA
21st April Mumbai VGS ATE Gaming Revolution Gaming
12th May Mumbai Circle Gaming Lounge Reckoning Infinity Revolution Gaming
19th May Mumbai VGS Revolution Gaming Waste 5
16th June Mumbai VGS Bo Bo Ka Baap ko Marega
23rd June Mumbai Level Up Revolution Gaming FsG
30th June Mumbai Circle Gaming Lounge Team Underdog Hum hogey kamiyab
7th April Pune Havok Nation Pune Rebellion Gaming Shambles
30th June Pune ACG LXG Esports Inaba best Waifu
21st July Pune Gaming ground TBA TBA
Winners for the remaining games can be found by clicking HERE and going down to the 'Schedule and Register' section of the page.

That is all the action up until now from ILG Season-2, stay tuned for further updates as the first phase of the season comes to an end in September.
For more information about the tournament check out ‘Indian LAN Gaming – Season 2


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