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Shounak Sengupta

22nd, Feb, 2018
It’s been a long hard road for the Sherdils but they have managed to make it to the finals of season 1 of U Cypher. They finished third in the group stages and then had an intense showdown with the Marksmen in the semifinals.
They will now have to face the mighty Yakshas, who were the best team in the group stages and even brushed aside the Akramaks in the semifinals. However, the Sherdils have delivered some solid performances and their captain RiTz is confident that the team can go the distance. As the season comes to a close, we spoke to Ritesh about his experiences, learnings and taking from Season 1 of U Cypher.
Congratulations on making it into the finals. It was a close match, but you guys made it. How does it feel?

Thank you so much !! Yea it was very close match we lost our previous map (overpass ) and I just wanted one more chance to prove it and finally we did it in mirage. 
I’m  super happy to be in finals !!! 

Rumour has it that you and Venom aren't the best of friends. Was the rivalry ever in your mind in the series? Or was it like any other match for you?

Haha yes !! Rivalry with Ankit aka Venom is since 2009 we both have faced each other in finals many a times and 90% of the time he lost it.
And well yea I really felt bad when I lost 3 matches against him in U Cypher but ultimately history won't change he loses again in SEMIS :)  !!
Moreover, I got angry before the semis coz I saw V3nom with pre-celebration cake where he took us as underdogs !! 
But trust me out of the game he is  good guy , has the passion for the game , very helpful and a pure Athlete 
Even though you yourself are a Counter-Strike player, your team had only 3 wins in the group stages? Thoughts?

Yes 3 wins are not enough but if you compare my team with other teams from U Cypher  I had picked all new faces for csgo.
(slotz ,freaky , velocity ,buster and falken ) and we still won against the strongest team of U Cypher, Akramaks in the 1st round robin game.
We lost many crucial rounds and came up with close scores 16-14 and 1 overtime ...
It’s not an excuse but we were missing our key player Falken for 4 games from start of the league . 
Your Tekken player, Huns is yet to lose a single match and has been really important for the team. What made you decide that you wanted him on the team?

Honestly I was unaware of his talent but when I saw all Tekken players during players meet at the U Cypher office I saw him carrying a bag with his Gaming KIT and with Tekken backup on his portable hard drive. I mean he always carries his gaming equipment where ever he goes! He is so passionate about his game and from there I made my mind I want this guy in SHERDILS!

Before the season started if you were to just see the rosters, who would you have picked to make it to the finals?

Akramaks! On paper his squad was strong 
 Who in your team surprised you the most in terms of performance? Other than huns of course

Freaky/buster for csgo thy really played well and for dota all of them played good !
Cricket - anup lol no words for him *****
You guys will face the Yakshas in the grand finals. Both teams have been solid in the single player games and in Dota but have lacked in Counter-Strike. How do you see the game going down?

Yakshas ... yea no doubt they have good players for the single player games only for cricket cause we have a legend for Tekken and for cs:go and dota its equal ‘jiska din chala woh jeeta’ !! But we are going to practise a lot i dont want to lose this game and i cant !!!

As a captain, what advice would you give the team before the big match?

When you start your day with a challenge just focus on your goal, calm down, don’t panic just believe yourself !! Be professional while you play .
What was the biggest lesson that you learnt from U Cypher? If things work out, will you be willing to be a part of season 2 as well?

YES ! why not ? i would love  to be part of all upcoming season of U Cypher ! gaming is my passion and i take it seriously . 
I learned a lot from U Cypher. If u want to walk fast walk alone if u want to walk far walk together .. it means if u want to win UCYPER you have to focus on each and every game even though you are not playing u have to motivate your teammates 
Like we lost CS but our Dota squad tied up with equal points !! same for Tekken and cricket !! 
You might have seen Kappa arguing with his dota squad , Atul with his  Tekken player !! So always be friendly with your teammates don’t put any pressure on any of your players !


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