In-conversation with Oliver 'DickStacy' Tierney

Aditya Singh Rawat

4o, Apr, 2019

In this episode of ‘MewMents with Catslayer’ I got in touch with one of Australia's most recognizable esport personalities - DickStacy.


Oliver Tierney is coming to Mumbai to attend the COBX Masters along with Grayhound Gaming who have been directly invited to participate in the event.  Their group features B.O.O.T-d[S] and Global Esports and is not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. The tournament kicks off tomorrow and DickStacy was kind enough to find the time for this interview.


Oliver 'DickStacy' Tierney

Is this your first time coming to India? Any particular thing you are looking forward to?

Yes, this is my first time coming to India, I cannot wait. I'm looking forward to experiencing a new culture, eating fresh street food and meeting the people.


Will you be trying out the Indian cuisine? Anything specific on the menu?

Of course, it's 1 of the reasons I am most excited. I have to try the authentic butter chicken, but also anything that is spicy to test my spice limit levels. I don't think I'll go very well, but we'll find out soon.


Talking about the Group Stage, do you think the format favours an upset from the Indian teams?

In my opinion, bo1's always do favour the underdogs so there is potential for upsets if teams come out feeling good on the day and hitting nasty shots. Mistakes are amplified when it comes down to only one map, so whoever's most prepared and focused will win the map.

How would you describe the esport scene in the land down under?

I would say esports in Australia is quite young and immature, but the scene is developing every day.


Playing in a region so isolated from the rest of the world, is the only way for an Australian team to progress is by boot camping elsewhere like Renegades?

At this current stage practising in Australia can only get you so far, if you want to consistently compete with the best of the world bootcamping prior to tournaments is a necessity. The quality of practice and lifestyle for CSGO is obviously much better in Europe and America.


Now that we have touched upon Renegades, what are your opinions about them? Does their coach Kassad attribute to their recent success?

Yes, Kassad does attribute to their recent success but isn't the only reason, I believe they have all the right 'ingredients' in place for a successful team to be enabled. They are 6 very like-minded individuals who are experienced, talented and work hard. When talent works hard, it's hard to beat.


Who do you consider a tough opponent in the Asian circuit?

Tyloo, MVP PK and Vici come to mind when considering the toughest Asian opponents. Vici have been looking hot lately, they've been putting in the hours and smashing ass.


From your experience how do these Asian teams vary from the ones in Australia? Any learnings you take away from them or tips you would like to give them?

Asian teams are more gambly when they play and also love to take aim duels. I've always liked how they work in pairs on the CT side to enable more multi frags, and the gamble stacking can get into your head if done right. Australian teams all default the same with the same pace but Asian teams a little more unpredictable.


What happened at the majors? Was there a specific problem that the team struggled with?

No specific problem didn't perform when it mattered and versed very talented, experienced teams and lost. If you aren't coming out in peak form and working as a team in those games you're going to have a hard time.


The most memorable moment from the major. (On or off the screen) 

When we qualified and I got the dick stickers in the game. It was a good day that day.

Your dream holiday destination.

Japan and Spain, if 1 place could be a mix of those that would be heaven.


What do you do when on a vacation or taking a break from CS?

No breaks from CS, CS all day every day. Nah jokes. Generally, travel overseas with my best friends aka my teammates, and have a good time but when its a break from CS, I like to spend time with family.


What alternate career would you have chosen if not for CS? 

Porn actor.

Do you follow any actual sports? Do share any anecdotes if you played them back in college or school. 

Negative, I used to play Rugby Union and Futsal. All I remember is getting knocked out in my first game of Futsal by the ball hitting my face. Those balls were f****g hard. I loved it from that day on.


Most memorable CS moment yet. 

Qualifying for Dick Stickers


Describe your teammates in a word each. 

Dexter - Perfectionist

Erkast - Spontaneous

Malta - Fragile

Sico - Goodman


Most inspirational quote? 

Get hard or go home


Favourite Marvel and DC characters? 

Wolverine, Deadpool, Thor and Wonder Woman


It was a really great experience engaging with DickStacy in a short yet memorable interview. That is all, for now, until next time this is Catslayer signing off. Peace guys!


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