"I still cannot comprehend why he did what he did" - Agneya 'Marzil' Koushik

Nishant Patel

30th, Oct, 2018
Cover image source : OpTic India

Former OpTic India player Agneya 'Marzil' Koushik has released an official statement about the forsaken cheating incident that took place at Extremesland 2018.

In addition to thanking his supporters and well wishers, Marzil has confirmed that he isn't joining a new team just yet, nor does he plan to quit playing Counter Strike.

The statement did not explicity confirm or deny the allegation that Marzil knew about forsaken hacking. AFK Gaming reached out to him shortly after the statement was released to clarify this situation. Our question and his unedited response are as below.

AFK Gaming - The community has been has been speculating about whether or not you knew that forsaken used cheats while competing alongside you in OpTic India. Could you throw some light on this situation?
"Frankly speaking, No. I had absolutely no idea and I am the last person on this Earth that would entertain anybody playing with cheaters or endorsing the same. He had me fooled. He had everybody in the bootcamp fooled and the OpTic management fooled. None of us knew. I do not know what else to say because I'm at a loss for words about how he got away hiding right under our noses. In hindsight now so many things he did looks fishy. But then again, being a teammate and having faith in system's anticheats gave me enough reason to believe he was legit. Also the fact that he actually used to spend 4 hours a day working on his aim. There was no reason for me to doubt that somebody who practiced so much would resort to cheats. It wasn't even like he was a dumb player or anything, he would understand the game well. I still cannot comprehend why he did what he did, but I guess that's how life works sometimes." - Ageneya 'Marzil' Koushik, former OpTic India player.

Marzil's comments on the matter are in line with the response we received from forsaken in an interview with him after he was caught cheating on LAN.


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