Heroic are the winners of the Toyota Master CS:GO Bangkok 2018

Aditya Singh Rawat

25th, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: Heroic

The Grand Finals of the Toyota Master CS:GO Bangkok 2018 took place today between Tyloo and Heroic. Both the teams took on each other in an exciting best of five series which went down to the wire.

Journey To The Finals


Tyloo had to struggle to make it to the Playoffs as they stood in the third position in Group-A. While dealing with inconsistent performance and unable to find their momentum, another tragedy struck the Chinese squad as a medical emergency occurred while they were playing against pro100 in the quarterfinals

The match was rescheduled and what took place after showed glimpses of Tyloo returning back to its former potential as they came back and won against pro100 following it up with another win against AGO Esports to face off against Heroic in the grand finals.


Heroic on the other hand finished at the first position in Group-B and qualified for the Playoffs directly playing the semifinals against Renegades. Taking the Aussies down by a series score of ‘2-1’ the team entered the finals looking pretty confident.

Grand Finals

The first match took place on Dust 2 where Tyloo were in shambles struggling throughout the match. Heroic played in a confident and calm manner while displaying great discipline till the very end and taking the match with a score of ‘16-5’.

The second match on Overpass was a long marathon that went into third overtime before Heroic were able to take the win with the scoreboard reading ‘25-23’

Just when it looked like the end for Tyloo, they played a beautiful CT-side on Train but Heroic stepped up to the challenge taking the match into overtime. Tyloo executed some terrific plays to bring the match home as they won by a score of ‘19-16’.

Tyloo followed their success with another win on Mirage with a score of ‘16-12’.

Heading into the decider Tyloo closely trailed behind Heroic with the scoreboard reading ‘8-7’ at halftime but Tyloo were not able to turn things around in the second half as they lost on Inferno by a score of ‘16-13'.

The seemingly never-ending Grand Finals came to an end with Heroic defeating Tyloo by a series score of ‘2-1’ and are crowned as the Champions of the Toyota Master CS:GO Bangkok 2018, walking away with a prize of $40,000 USD.


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