“He would send me pictures flipping me off” - DeMoN shares his reasons for leaving Team Admiral

Vignesh Raghuram

17th, Jul, 2018

Image Courtesy: Redbull

Jimmy "DeMoN" Ho has had quite a prolific career in competitive Dota 2. The NA veteran has played in a number of teams and hence has seen it all. Right from unconditional joy to very painful moments. In a recent livestream, DeMoN talked about the problems he suffered thanks to the manager of Team Admiral, his last squad and has virtually revealed the reason for which he quit the organization.

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According to DeMoN, he and his ex-teammates had a long and grueling day because they had to play 3 BO3 matches and one BO5 match back-to-back in the ANGGAME China vs SEA online tournament. The best of 5 went to all five games and as DeMoN was in the drafting phase, so the player asked the manager of the team (who was not named in the video) politely to bring him a glass of water. The manager brought him the water, but unfortunately, Team Admiral ended up losing the Grand Finals.

Demon explains that he received a very long message from the manager saying:

"Everyone here in the Philippines treats me with respect, and you try to treat me like a peasant. You know everyone here [thinks] I'm a boss and I get my way. If I ever hear that shit again I'm gonna slam you with a fucking chair"

Demon also added that the manager “obviously has a lot of money” and that he is bigger in size than him. He also said that he didn’t know that he couldn’t ask his manager for a glass of water.

To make matters worse, DeMoN also reported that he constantly received pictures of the manager flipping him off. Also, it looks like the abuse was not limited to him, in particular, as he explicitly states that team reportedly lived in “unbearable” conditions.

He ended the stream by apologizing to the viewers for having a tear in his eyes and getting emotional, stating that “The Philippines didn’t do me any good anymore and it was what made me give up in the end.”

You can watch the full video here:



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