HAVU Gaming from Finland are the IeSF World Champions 2018 - CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat

11o, Nov, 2018

Cover Image Courtesy: IeSF

The Grand Finals of the IeSF World Championship 2018 took place today featuring a best of five series between the Flow from Sweden and HAVU Gaming from Finland. Both teams had a fantastic run in the Championship making their way into the Grand Finals with different experiences to share.

HAVU Gaming

HAVU Gaming from Finland has turned out to be a formidable team delivering consistent performances at a whole other level when compared to their competitors. This is evidenced by the fact that they did not drop a single game till the finals!

Image Credit: Liquipedia


On the other side, Flow who were regarded as the underdogs for quite some time proved their worth, dedication and determination by defeating big teams like SZ Absolute from Japan, Ground Zero Gaming from Australia and Beyond Esports from Thailand. Although they were not as flawless as HAVU, their matches were certainly exciting to watch.

Grand Finals 

The first match between Flow and HAVU Gaming took place on Dust 2 where HAVU started off strong. Flow did pick up a round or two in between but HAVU continued piling up rounds in their favour playing as T-side. Nothing changed in the second half as HAVU kept hustling and won the match by a score of ‘16-6’

Just like in the previous few rounds, everyone expected Flow to make a comeback in the second match but what took place was an even worse performance than the last match as Flow went down on Cache with a score of ‘16-4’ against HAVU. HAVU picked up momentum early in the first half, Flow tried desperately to slow them down but failed to do so resulting in the second loss for them. 

HAVU faced some resistance in their third and final match being played on Train. Flow gave it everything they had to offer, trying every possible play they had in their arsenal. It did give them a fighting chance until HAVU started taking a more methodical approach and strode to another victory with the scoreboard reading ‘16-8’.

With this, the Grand Finale of the IeSF World Championship 2018 came to an end as HAVU Gaming from Finland took the series ‘3-0’ without dropping a single game to any of its opponents in the entire tournament. They walked away with $10,000 USD cash prize along with the coveted title and trophy for being the IeSF World Champions 2018 – CS:GO.