Globe Telecoms announces partnership with Mineski

Vignesh Raghuram

20th, Apr, 2018
Globe Telecom, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the Philippines, has announced the launch of its, first esports venture, ‘Globe Gaming initiative’, to promote esports in the Philippines, and produce original content with a series of strategic partnerships with some of the best gaming organizations in the country: Mineski, Riot Games, and Garena.

“The partnership with Mineski, is with authentic people who are truly deep in the space." Globe Telecom CEO, Ernest Cu, said in a statement to the esportsobserver. "They are a much smaller entity obviously than Globe, but offering their expertise and experience in the market, with our reach and distribution, and data analytics capabilities. I think we would not be able to build this ecosystem of gaming in the Philippines if either of us did it ourselves.”

“The objective here, overall, is to bring the Filipino gaming to the world stage,”
he added.

Mineski and MET were understandably very excited with the project in the Global Gaming Initiative launch as they have locked in a multi-year and very exclusive partnership with Globe Telecom which will include the creation and development of a new esports team that can compete in regional and global events.

“What excites us is Globe Telecom’s genuine commitment to build the future of gaming and esports in the Philippines. Their mission is authentic which is why we are embarking on this partnership,”


Ronald “Rhom” Robins, President & CEO of Mineski International said at the launch event.

Both organizations will co-produce the Globe Philippine Pro Gaming League, a multi-title competition offering teams the opportunity to be crowned ‘Best in the Philippines’ while earning advancement to elite tournaments. Additionally, Globe Telecom and Mineski will bring back the MET’s hugely successful Manila Masters in 2019.

Globe telecom is not the first institution in the telecommunications field to invest in esports. Vodafone, SK-Telecom, Orange, T-Mobile and a few others currently sponsor other organizations of their own in the esports field.

Lately, esports sponsorships from non-endemic companies are skyrocketing.  



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