Global eSports takes down Signify at the ESL India Premiership Masters - Summer 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat

6o, May, 2019

Cover Image Courtesy: Global eSports

The ESL Indian Premiership 2019 - Summer Season witnessed its second massive clash of the season as two of the top three teams in the country faced each other in a best-of-one on Overpass.

Global eSports took on Signify CS:GO on Overpass. Both the teams had undergone big roster shuffles before the event and wanted to prove the strength of their line-up. While Signify CS:GO were coming in hot winning all their previous matches, Global eSports had taken a blow against Entity a few days back.

GE Delivers

The match was closer than expected and while not many would have expected this result, Global eSports all Indian line-up packed quite a punch shaking up the heavily experienced Signify CS:GO.

Image Credit: SoStronk

Something was clearly off with Signify CS:GO as it was quite shocking to witness rite2ace perform so poorly. He held an impact rating of just 0.54 with a horrifying KDR of 0.65. This does not seem like an off day for a player but more like a problem with the way the team was executing their plans.

Image Credit: SoStronk

However, the youngster Deathmaker shone brightly, leading the team in the fragging department while really showing off his potential and the way he has grown in the past year.

Image Credit: SoStronk

Global eSports was bang on with their gameplan, though in a few rounds a few mistakes were committed they did not lose their grip on the situation and held the reins tight to finish the map in their favour.

Both HellrangeR and haiVaan were in the zone delivering a fantastic performance, leading the boys to a huge victory. This win would surely boost the morale of the team while having an impact on their tempo in the coming games.

Image Credit: SoStronk

With the win, Global eSports have snuck up the points table and stand in second place right behind Signify CS:GO.

Image Credit: ESL India

Stay tuned for more as another intense match will be taking place on 8th May at 1900 Hrs IST between longtime rivals, Entity Gaming & Signify CS:GO.

NOTE: Signify CS:GO played in the first two matches with their registered line-up after which hellff has been playing in place of impulsG.